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Cromartie High School Vol. 1 (DVD)


Another preview disc – this time Cromartie High School. This release comes in one of the most inventive packaging. Ever. The box that the preview disc was a record sleeve complete with a plastic record with the CD right where the label usually goes. Imagine my surprise at opening this up, and me spending a good 15 minutes trying to figure out where the hell I was going to find a turn-table before I had the common sense to examine it more closely.


Well the release that I got to preview was a 4 episode disc without menus or any language other than English dubbing. I’m not a big fan of dub tracks in the first place, but it was still pretty funny to watch. Each episode is about 15 minutes long… well about 10 to 11 minutes without openings and endings.


cromartie high school vol 1          cromartie high school vol 1


Episode 01

Enter Yamaguchi (nicknamed “Errand boy”) – the one relatively normal guy in the school of delinquents. He looks like the one mark but as Hayashida (Mohawk-wearing guy – becomes right hand man of  Yamaguchi) says “The one bunny who lives in a room of lions. He must be one hell of a bunny.” To determine everyone’s place in the class hierarchy, they decide to have a competition between the three toughest people in the class… ok, well 2 toughest and Yamaguchi. What kind of test of manliness could Yamaguchi come out on top of? Now that Yamaguchi is considered the toughest of Class 3, he’s going to have to gauge his power against the other tough men – namely a silent musician dubbed Freddie (who looks absolutely nothing like Freddie Mercury of Queen… nope… not at all) a 500 pound gorilla, and then Mechazawa.


Episode 02

Mechazawa is the leader of Class 5; He’s well spoken, an excellent leader, and well… made of metal. For some reason, only Yamaguchi and Hayashida notice that Mechazawa doesn’t have hands as much as claws and that he “clangs” when he walks. The two then decide to tail the enigmatic leader to see if anyone else notices that Mechazawa just doesn’t seem right.




Episode 03

The episode that the writers of Seinfeld must have tossed. Hayashida has a song caught in his head… no not the whole song… just the melody. He decides to ask Yamaguchi but when he thinks that he knows the song, it’s actually a different song that’s caught in his head. The class decides to ask around Cromartie High School to see if anyone can name the songs.



Episode 04

Yamaguchi is the leader of the Domartie High School (dreaded arch-rivals of Cromartie High School) and is the silent leader of the delinquents of Year 1. He’s not silent because he’s the quiet contemplative type – he’s the tortured artist type who secretly thrives on being a comedian and he sends in jokes on postcards to local radio shows. He is happy with his successes, but he longs to beat his unknown nemesis who always gets better billing on the shows with his jokes… it doesn’t go well once he learns that his nemesis is actually Kamiyama.


- Tazman

(February 10, 2005)


“You have to wonder about the person who would desecrate a helpless puma.”

       - Principal Skinner (Simpsons)

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