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- Commercial of Dice Game for PS2




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DICE Volume 2: High Speed Action (DVD)


The fast-paced adventures of Jet and the crew of the DICE F-99 Fortress continue to take them far across the galaxy. First, they will participate in as drivers in a planetary Grand Prix race in order to discover who is behind the recent acts of sabotage. Then Jet and Tak will visit a planet that appears once every 27 years for one day while the rest of the crew gets some much needed rest. And they’ll need it because then they’ll have to stop an interplanetary war, find a missing artifact, and solve the mystery of the disappearance of a strange bird. And during all of this, the Phantom Knight continues to appear, taunting Jet at every turn!


Another disc of DICE. It really reminds me of the old 80’s one episode resolutions in an action cartoon that I grew up with. Not great, but brings back fond memories nonetheless.


dice vol 2          dice vol 2

Episode 06: Operation Grand Prix

A series of sabotaging incidents have slowly been eliminating all of the promising teams up to the day of the Grand Prix event. When the latest one goes down just before the competition, their owner calls in DICE for some help. So far, none of the three largest companies have been targeted, so the suspicion is on them. The plan is to have the three members with ground vehicles enter the competition, while the rest of the team investigates the remaining teams to determine who is behind the attacks.


Jet notices at the starting line that his adversary, the Phantom Knight, has also joined in the race as a replacement driver for one of the teams. He doesn’t intend to let his adversary get ahead of him, so at the start he rushes to the lead and hits the first trap head first… except it’s ice… and he’s on a bike at full throttle (guess what happens). So Jet’s now in last place and trying to make up distance. As they head to the next challenge, the course enters a cave



section, and this is where the cheaters set their 1st trap – an electromagnetic pulse that cripples most of the field (except those protecting against it of course). The only unaffected cars are from the big-3 corporations, and they are passing through the hazard safely. Once the DICE team figures out a counter, they are back in the race along with the Phantom Knight – but a second hazard attacks them almost immediately: a swarm of beetles. The rest of the team jumps 


into action, they quickly ferret out the operatives on the course directing the carnage and arrest them – and find out that the big-3 are colluding to keep the competition between them. So their cars are going to attack the remainder aggressively, and Jet is caught in the middle of a firestorm between those cars. He’s forced to transform into dino-mode to evade a missile attack (which eliminates him from the race), but manages to take out the villains with him. So the captain and Sam take 1st and 2nd in the Grand Prix.


Episode 07: The Vanishing Planet

The Captain and Jet are the “lucky” members who get to perform routine maintenance for an Observation Post – the catch? The planet is only accessible by wormhole once every 27 years, and the wormhole isn’t particularly large. The rest of the team is going to head to DICE 01 to get restocked, have their machines serviced, and get a little R&R. While on station, we get a little lesson on their dino-bot’s food source – they are fed pellets that have been severely refined in order to keep their temperaments under control. The rest of the team meets another DICE captain, the impressive (and a little weird) Captain Spike – who pilots a dino capable of flying in space. After chatting quickly, he suddenly rushes to his ‘bot and flies off after some unknown emergency.


On the planet surface, Tak and Jet have finished their rounds and are taking a quick break. Jet accidentally opens a fissure, and finds a natural growth of the pellets that the dinos eat. Thinking that he’s giving Moto-raptor a treat, he feeds him one… and Moto-raptor promptly starts going berserk and attacks Jet (must be a common theme, everyone just barely suppressing the urge to kill him). Anyways, Jet and Tak try desperately to contain him, but they cannot keep him physically tied up. As Tak is knocked down and out, Jet tries to talk to his friend but Moto-raptor keeps attacking. Jet is saved thanks to the intervention of Captain Spike who is able to knock down the attacker with suppression fire. He tells Jet to keep talking to his dino, and after a few hairy moments, Jet calms his friend and they are able to return home.


Episode 08: Five Seconds to Interplanetary War

A war between neighboring planets has finally come to peace, but it might be re-started thanks to greed. On Rob 2, an industrial accident on a base is covered up by their defense minister to look like an attack – the cause of the accident, a young man, is bribed a large amount of money to keep quiet. The prime minister of Rob 2 is powerless to stop a declaration of war against Rob 3, but she will not go silently, she calls for DICE to investigate the claims that the explosions were an attack. The DICE team is going to have to move quickly to find the truth, but they aren’t going to able to investigate through traditional channels.


Jet and Robert are going to hire on to the base as mercenaries (and sneak Sam in as well), while Tak leads a group posing as insurance investigators and question witnesses. The questioning seems to be going nowhere, as everyone seems coached in their answers and stories are matching up. While taking a break, they see the young man at the center of the incident talking to his mother – he’s giving his bribe to his mother, but claiming that he won the lottery and wants her to be well taken care of. Tak notices his weird actions and decides to investigate the man – they quickly find that the money comes from a dummy company for a weapons manufacturer. But they can’t prove anything without his testimony, so they decide to talk to his mother. Meanwhile Jet, Robert, and Sam have discovered that one of the explosions looks faked – it is away from the initial explosion and in an area that is non-essential.


Tak’s group convinces the mother to talk to her son, but their presence has been detected by the enemy. The person tailing Tak knows everything they know and is trying to escape and another group is going to kill the man. Jet’s team secures the man, while everyone else chases after the spy. Once both teams meet up, the man finally confesses (on TV that DICE hacked) and war is averted.


Episode 09: Forgotten Labyrinth

Jet and Robert are a tad too high strung at times, especially when the pair of them completely ruin a simulation exam by getting themselves killed (simulation death only). Tak is none too impressed with the results of his two pilots, especially when they continue to argue rather than co-exist or actually work together. So in order to have them actually complete an exam, he’s forced to use a little deception. Claiming that they have a mission to collect treasure in a maze, the two are practically climbing over each other to get into the mission first; but this is nothing more than a live-action exam in an elaborate maze. Unfortunately, B-DICE has been spying on F-99 and they are sending a team of their own to capture the treasure.


The pair dive into the mission with no sense of tactics, and are merely trying to beat each other rather than actually completing their task. Their first obstacle is a motion-sensor door that closes before they can get close enough – but Robert figures it out first. It takes a second or so before Jet does the same. The B-Dice team watches and passes the task with no difficulty. As they get to the main chamber, they have to throw 3 switches – one in each trap room, to gain access to the “treasure”. The 1st trap room stymies Jet, but Robert is able to figure it out and so they are 1/3 of the way there. The 2nd room requires brute force, so Jet powers his way to victory on Moto-raptor. The 3rd room features an acid spout, but this is the time that B-Dice decides to try and take out the pair with an explosive in the acid. Seeing his team in trouble, Tak orders an end to the test, but the explosion has prevented the simulation from stopping. He orders Jet and Robert to withdraw, but they both want to finish the mission; the pair work together to escape the trap then quickly revert to competition to get the “treasure” which they get to at the same time. The pair escape the maze only to watch the cumulative damage collapse the testing area… and end up with cleaning duty for their troubles.


Episode 10: Puffy’s Quest

Puffy decides that she wants to tag along with Robert and Jet on their latest mission – this time, they are to help safeguard the nest of a near-extinct bird (the Coo-coo bird… no I’m not kidding). When they arrive on-site, there is a group of young kids around the nest protecting it from the DICE team… they are trying to get rid of adults, but once they figure out that the DICE members are kids like themselves, they leave. Puffy examines the nest and finds one baby bird, and it looks sick. The three spread out looking for a food source, but they cannot get the chick to eat; one of the children there instructs them on how to feed it, and the chick improves. However, the mother still has not returned yet and they are concerned about its’ welfare. Once their mission is extended, the DICE team begins to search for the adult.


Near the drinking hole, they notice that there aren’t any animals drinking – so they begin investigating and find the mother. She’s been caged by a trapper, and he knocks away all three members communicators (so they can’t transform). He puts them in a cave prison. The group manages to escape (once they stop talking and actually decide to break out) and steal back their communicators. Their captor is forced to threaten the chick to keep himself unhurt – but this enrages the mother and she starts to go on rampage. Puffy grabs the chick and brings it to the mother, so it finally calms down.


DICE certainly won’t win any awards for original stories or awesome voice acting, but it is decent in small doses… very small doses.


- Tazman

(January 9, 2006)


"My mother stole my boyfriend!"

"Your boyfriend stole my wife! Let's get back at them by dating each other! Wait a minute. Daddy didn't think that through."

- Haley & Stan (American Dad)


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