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DICE Volume 5: Conspiracy Factors (DVD)


The crew of F-99 just can’t catch a break. On vacation, on the way back to the F-99 station. Jet and Motoraptor board a high-speed bullet train, but a freak accident, a spy, and some deadly experimental bacteria create a trip that Jet will never forget.


Disc 04 of DICE brought back a more action oriented set of episodes (less time with Jet in monologues). Anywho, we’re getting to the end of the series now so this should bring us towards the final arc.


Episode 19: Runaway Train

Robert and Jet are tasked with delivering a volatile liquid to a construction site, and after completion of their milk-run mission, they are to make their own way back to port. Jet decides that he wants to take the high-speed train that this planet has, while Robert will fly back to port on his Dino-Breaker. While Jet is having his Moto-Raptor put into luggage he makes a new friend – a youngster who is enamored by his position in DICE. Meanwhile, aboard the train a rogues gallery of characters are onboard – a scientist is transporting stolen biotechnology to a new company that he intends to join, a thief who is trying to avoid capture, and a police officer hot on the tail of the thief. As you can imagine – the thief steals the technology from the scientist but as he’s walking away, the detective arrests him which causes the technology to hit the floor and break open. The vial’s contents spill onto the main oil pressure line and prevent the airbrakes from being deployed – so the train cannot stop. The scientist goes to the conductor and explains that the contents are a bacteria that were intended to combat fires by making fuels solidify. The conductor calls in to headquarters, who consequently call for assistance from DICE.


dice volume 5          dice volume 5


As the local DICE team arrives to render aid, Jet shows up to see if he can help as well and they decide to forcibly separate the engine from the passenger cars. Using Moto-Raptor, Jet kicks loose the connection and the passenger cars begin to slow down; however the thief decides to use this moment to make his escape and jumps onto the engine. Jet is left with no alternative, so he jumps on-board as well but the distance is too far for him to return safely. Making the situation worse is the fact that the young kid had held on to Jet as he jumped and is now also on board the runaway engine. Moto-Raptor, jumps out of the passenger cars and tries to keep up with the engine. Communicating with the in-charge DICE officer, they decide to reroute the train to a bootleg line which will minimize any damage if it derails, but 



they only have ten minutes before they run out of track. Remembering what the scientist said about the bacteria – Jet formulates a plan; the officer floods the line with fuel and Jet loads the bacteria into a missile and causes the fuel to solidify and freeze the train in the line. Inside the train car, the level is rising dangerously but Jet is frozen inside the solid and cannot move – thankfully, Moto-Raptor was able to keep pace and quickly jumps into the solid to save the remaining pair.



Episode 20: The Point of No Return

Jet, Marco, and Puffy are heading back from another delivery mission (strange how an elite trouble-shooting force seems to perpetually doing more drop-offs than FedEx) and have been ordered to remain out of a “forbidden area” that is near their route home (the area was used to exile criminals into). However, an oncoming storm worries the team and they decide to enter the area to shorten the trip instead of going around the storm front. As the trio enter the zone, the Phantom Knight sees them go inside and he heads off after them. Puffy is a little scared of entering, so she hangs back and suddenly both Jet and Marco disappear. The Phantom Knight goes up to Puffy and explains that her friends are in serious trouble and that he’s going in to save them. She decides to join him and head in as well, and he agrees but emphasizes that she focus on saving her friends.


On the inside, Puffy starts to have a lucid dream about her past. As the dream plays out, she is suddenly woken by the Phantom Knight who explains that this area will show people visions from their past then once they focus on an unhappy memory they will be trapped by vines that come up beneath them. So the pair starts looking amongst those trapped previously for Jet and Marco. The two are sharing the same dream of being back in the orphanage; one of their playmates was a young girl who was good friends with them both, but Jet was never able to say goodbye to her because she didn’t want to tell him that she’d been adopted. Jet harbored feelings that he never got to say goodbye, and Marco was been torn up over the fact that he knew but still never told Jet. The Phantom Knight and Puffy manage to find the pair and break away the vines that are covering them – now in the forbidden area, parts of everyone’s dreams are visible, and the Phantom Knight tells Jet to go get closure on his pain. Running to the train station like he was unable to when he was younger, he finally gets to say goodbye to his friend and wish her well. As the trio regroups afterwards, the Phantom Knight has already escaped but Puffy noticed something – his dream showed parts of DICE headquarters, so now they know that he was once a member of DICE.


Episode 21: Uncovering Heron’s Secret

F-99 has been called in for a slightly different mission than usual. The Heron Festival is being held, and they have been dispatched to join in for the parade. The inhabitants of the planet are unsure of why the ceremony is actually held, and all lore surrounding the festival is incomplete. After the official ceremonies, the crew is allowed to walk around on their own; Jet is strolling when his crystals start to react funny, not only does he have a strange reaction but Moto-Raptor senses the same thing. Using the feeling like a Geiger Counter, they head towards the stronger feeling until they come across a ruin. Jet climbs up the ruin to check it out, but in his usual fashion, he manages to find a trapdoor and fall into it. At the bottom of the pitfall, Jet meets the true inhabitants of the planet – the original species that terraformed the rock, but have since moved underground and remain hidden from the general populace. The leader of the group hails Jet as the people’s savior and explains that it is time for the true Heron Festival to begin.


The populace begins to chant their mantras from a Prophecy Book that the leader holds, and after a time the cave starts to become unstable. Jet is concerned with getting the people to safety, but the leader explains that he was brought here to witness the death of this people en masse. Making things worse – a group of androids that has previously fought DICE makes an appearance. Jet manages to defeat the attackers and Marco finally makes an appearance, he was drawn to investigate the seismic activity in the area. Jet returns to speak with the people, and he keeps insisting that they not let themselves die but the group doesn’t care what he says. The leader explains that they are a long-lived species and that the chance to have life end would be a welcome one; he further explains that his species had previously worked on a formula for eternal life, but had been unsuccessful to the point he knew – Jet continues to plead his case but the beings will not change their minds. As the damage mounts a rocket ship is revealed to everyone’s astonishment – the people believe that Jet was really their savior for insisting that they live and they board the ship. In the confusion, the Phantom Knight swoops down and steals the Prophecy Book away. Back in DICE headquarters, the Council is talking to one of the inhabitants of Heron but he refuses to reveal the Secret of Heron. Despite not learning anything directly, they now know that a secret exists.


Episode 22: Jet Escapes!

F-99 is called in for a dangerous mission – an attempted bank robbery has gone sour and the gunman has taken hostages. In exchange to release the remaining hostages, the police has requested that a member of DICE step in to take their place. As the crew argues over who that will be, Jet speaks up and offers to be the hostage. The Captain agrees and Jet heads out to the scene and enters the bank. Inside, the only hostage is the bank manager and a small alien… the alien resembles a guinea pig and is about as intimidating as one. The alien releases the bank manager, and Jet starts talking to the gunman – Jet tells him that the best solution is for him to surrender, but he explains that he cannot, because he fears being exiled from the system because of the number of crimes that he’s committed. Jet is surprised but asks for an explanation – yesterday, he arrived in system with his daughter on a shuttle. While in orbit, his daughter decided to activate the emergency evacuation system (little children with colorful switches) and the two were unceremoniously dumped into the ocean on a raft. As they land, the Coast Guard comes up and demands to see their identification but they were damaged on re-entry into the atmosphere so the man decides to run (or in this case, swim) from the authorities. While walking around an apple drops in front of them, and the store owner accuses them of stealing and they run away once again. To escalate matters, they ask a pair of guys where a cheap hotel can be found but they were actually criminals and the police take them in while arresting the pair. During a prison transfer, the car gets into an accident and he’s thrown into the bank with a police weapon. As the gun discharges, he now looks like he’s robbing the place… so he decides to go with the flow and lets everyone but the bank manager leave (who offered to remain behind as his only hostage).


After all that, Jet decides that he’s not as bad as it all seems and offers to help him out. The man only really wants to see his daughter one more time before going to prison, so Jet’s come up with a plan to escape. He drops the armor and goes out in his normal clothes and is almost past the barricades before Puffy asks him what he’s doing over his communicator. Jet’s forced to run at this point and he re-suits and jumps on Moto-Raptor. As the rest of DICE tries to figure out what’s going on, Jet explains that the criminal is the contracted person, not the police and so the Captain relents and allows the rest of the team head out to help Jet. With the other members running interference, they eventually make it to the boarding house where his daughter is being held, but she’s being brought out of the building by the Phantom Knight. Jet chases after him and after a brief run, he’s waiting to reunite the pair.


This disc of DICE was uneven, two pretty good episodes and two average ones. It’s going to be interesting to see how the last disc goes.


- Tazman

(March 20, 2006)


"Doctor, is my brother really insane?"

"Ms. Griffin, we don't use the term "insane". We instead use, mentally hilarious."

- Lois and Doctor (Family Guy)


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