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DICE Volume 6: The Mystery of Heron (DVD)


Everything they know is wrong! The DICE F-99 team, while on a mission to help an archaeologist, begins to unravel the mystery of Heron. When they’re done, they realize that they have been betrayed from within their own organization! It’s a dueling fight to the end!

Well we’ve been given only glimpses of the big picture up to this point, but we’re down to the last disc so it’s time for the final story arc to come into focus. Let’s go!


dice volume 6          dice volume 6

Episode 23: The Secret of Sitan

The DICE team has been sent out to investigate a ruin of a old planetary society to look for a treasure, first things first – they need to find a map. But they’ve run across some competition: B-DICE, and Jet has an artifact stolen from him while searching. Their benefactor is not concerned by the theft though, he just wants a sample of the water that was left in the ruin. The society left behind microorganisms in the water to serve as a map for the next site. The second area is very balmy, and the only thing of interest is some animal that is just zipping around at speeds faster than the eye – and making things even stranger, it’s a snail. The snail is leaving a track behind, and the B-Dice figures it out quickly that it’s a map as well, so they destroy it by flooding the area. Thankfully Puffy was overhead and saw it before it was obliterated.


The next site is a gaseous planet, and Robert finds a whirlpool in the sky. As he goes in to investigate, a giant seahorse emerges and the team believes that its’ tail is the next piece of the puzzle. Suddenly the animal starts inhaling and draws in Robert and his Hover-Terra – inside is a chamber with yet another map for them. Heading to the final planet, the team spreads out to look for clues. Jet and Moto-Raptor are drawn to a mountain where Moto-Raptor suddenly bites a protrusion and the entire mountain starts shaking. It’s actually a giant armadillo and it’s pissed off – Chow senses the danger and fires F-99’s main gun at it, but the armored beast shakes off 



the attack. Captain orders Chow to libertize the station, and it then transforms (that was a surprise) into a giant turtle and defends against the attacking armadillo. After defeating it, a giant butterfly is revealed and their benefactor is happy – he explains that it is actually a path for him to return home. At the end of the episode, we get a glimpse of the Phantom Knight holding a DICE communicator and he states that he’s going to get to use this again.



Episode 24: The Body of Elders Conspiracy

The Phantom Knight is infiltrating DICE Zero and is making his way past the automated defense-systems. As he gets past the worst, he comes into an open area where he’s finally meeting some stiff competition – a swarm of the androids. He fights through the mass of opponents when suddenly the station starts shaking; from the outside - a probe has been shot out through a wormhole. Back at F-Station, the crew of F-99 has learned of the attack and Tak has been summoned before the Commander. The Commander seems worried about the future and worries about what is going to happen next – as the two chit-chat, Jet has locked all of the members of F-99 off the bridge and steals the ship. He’s going to the Phantom Knight directly. The rest of the crew sympathizes with Jet’s action, but aren’t thrilled with his method of execution – but Sharon decides to look into the Phantom Knight data one more time.


She finally discovers that the information that was stolen involved a service record of their dino-breakers. An investigation provides a sensor to find wormholes that has been planted in all of them – the Council has been looking for a wormhole to find Heron. The Phantom Knight has landed on an asteroid and is locked in battle against the swarm of opponents, but he cannot defeat the superior numbers. Thankfully, Jet arrives and he asks his friends to help him save the Phantom Knight – Chow fires the main gun while Jet jumps onto Moto-Raptor and enters the fray. Meanwhile, at DICE Zero the Council has found what they were looking for and they are now heading to the wormhole with the station. One person on board signals the Commander of F-Station, who now has a tough order to issue.


Episode 25: The Phantom Knight’s Secret!

Jet rushes out against the numerous opponents, and the rest of the team eventually joins him in the fight. But they aren’t faring well against the large number of enemies, but Sharon figures out a way to neutralize them – she sends up a signal enhancer which blocks the androids transmissions so they stop in place. Jet gets to the Phantom Knight and he’s grievously injured so he calls for help from the station, but he makes a discovery, he’s actually his older brother (called it in Disc 01). He explains that he needed to be able to search without anyone knowing him, that’s why he faked his own death. He explains that the Council is looking for Heron so that they can obtain immortality and that they don’t care about the fates of the members of DICE.


The Commander of F-Station makes his order – all of the F-modules are to launch against DICE Zero. Tak doesn’t like the command, but he remains on board the station and hopes to link up with his crew. The Council sees the F-Station emerge and calls for assistance from all other Stations. All other members are now siegeing the F-Station to try and neutralize the group, Tak has joined in the defense but the numbers are against them. The attack on DICE Zero has failed, all F-Modules have been disabled and the station is heading towards the wormhole. F-99 has finally made it back to F-Station and they intend to join in on the fight and get Tak back.


Episode 26: DICE vs. DICE!

Last episode. So I won’t ruin the ending.


This disc was definitely the “steak” of the series, best stories and some of the best action that it had to offer. A pretty darn good ending all right, and a well handled main plotline throughout the entire series, I must admit that I was impressed with that considering the intended audience.


- Tazman

(March 26, 2006)


"No! They aren't saying boo... they're saying BOO-urns!" 

- Smithers (The Simpsons)

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