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Divergence Eve Volume 1 (DVD)


In the 21st Century, intergalactic space travel has become a reality. One of the first outposts in the far reaches of space is WATCHER’S NEST – an inflation hole drive portal – which has recently come under attack by a mysterious force known simply as GHOUL.. A group of young female cadets assigned to the portal are unexpectedly thrown into a hornet’s nest of trouble as they finalize their training to become elite pilots in the Seraphim Squadron.


What more could you ask for than a bevy of beauties forced to put their lives on the line to answer the call of duty. Divergence Eve is a bold and imaginative voyage leading directly into the heart of evil. A dark tale enlivened by a shocking mystery which will have you guessing until the final fade out.


Divergence Eve is the blending of science fiction, industrial music, and T&A. The show runs off of CG battles to driving music and then comes back to the female pilots, all of whom must only be able to stand up in the reduced gravity of space flight.


divergence eve volume 1          divergence eve volume 1


Episode 01

Episode starts of with a first response team on standby for deployment into the portal to combat the expected appearance of a GHOUL. The incursion will involve a small transport and four individual fighters to provide point attacking. As they are prepping for sortie, Ensign Misaki is called away for a final physical and is brought to the sick bay. Apparently, while she is being sedated for the testing she will be used as a tether between the station and the sortie team to provide intelligence on the GHOUL.


Once inside the portal, the team comes across the GHOUL and after an unsuccessful first salvo, one of the teammates is killed (the smallest breasted female, natch). The event necessitates Misaki escape the sick-bay as she heads for her fighter to join up with her teammates. The remaining two pilots are struggling to avoid the enemy attacks, but are grateful once Misaki arrives in her fighter and engages the GHOUL head-on. As she grappleswith the enemy, she is directly attacked by the GHOUL but instead of being defeated, she suddenly transforms into a large being similar to the opponent. In a quick confrontation, she manages to ensnare and destroy the GHOUL, leaving her fellow pilots to wonder what  they saw. Making things more confusing is when the sickbay technician pulls Misaki out of a chamber… she apparently never joined the battle…


Episode 02

Episode 02 seems to cover all of the missing pre-amble for Episode 01. This episode  covers the transport of Ensign Misaki to the Watcher’s Nest (including a small tutorial on how faster-than-light travel occurs, apparently using worm-holes in space to travel between dimensions and then using a second worm-hole to return instantaneously to the starting dimension at another place – namely the Watcher’s Nest ; during the transport, all of the people on board enter a sleep state).


While in transport to the station, a GHOUL attack is imminent and the station command is going to try and let the transport materialize then close off the portal to prevent the GHOUL from arriving and attacking. The plan appears to work as the transport appears in real space, but the GHOUL somehow starts to appear on board the transport and grabs the comatose Ensign Misaki. However, the Ensign duplicates her transforming feat from the first episode and is able to defeat the GHOUL but then immediately falls back asleep (apparently unaware of what she can do).


Episode 03: Necromancer

Cadet Misaki and the rest of the training team are being put through the paces in training. For the training, they have been using simulators to get acclimated to both the equipment and the lack of gravity… however, Misaki doesn’t appear to be doing very well and her scores put her firmly at the bottom of the class. Unbeknownst to the team, is that they are in competition for an opening on the Seraphim team on the station and will be in active combat against the GHOUL forces (of which they also don’t know about). Unlike her competition, Misaki is a reserve soldier and doesn’t have the extensive training that the other pilots do. As such, her skills always 



appear to be weaker than her compatriots and she doesn’t impress anyone until a live fire exercise where she blows away her competition. The test co-ordinator believes that Misaki has pre-cognitive abilities and can predict trajectories.


For the latest test, all of the students will be put through a full-throttle to braking in front of the energy barrier (that separates the GHOUL forces and human ones) 


to determine if they can take the rigors of combat flight. Unfortunately, the test goes horrible as Misaki’s pod failsto decelerate and she enters the barrier. Now surrounded by enemies that she has never seen before she is saved by the CO of Seraphim Squadron who swears her to secrecy on what she saw inside the barrier, not wanting the other testers to know what they will be facing.


Episode 04: Specular

The girls finally get a day off from training, and they get to head off the base and into the main city for some R&R. As you can imagine, they are looking to have a little fun and after some checking out of the city, Misaki starts to notice that the current conflict against the GHOUL forces aren’t common knowledge. The girls quickly end up at a bar to end the evening – with each girl heading for their particular vice. The evening gets more interesting when their CO arrives to drink as well and even ends up speaking frankly to Misaki. The conversation doesn’t sit well with Misaki and she takes the Lieutenant’s speech to be an insult (after the Lieutenant suggests that the life of a Cadet was carefree and happy) and leaves the bar in a huff. On the base, the military is in high alert with a potential GHOUL break through the barrier and all of the base’s defenses are being readied to contain it.


divergence eve vol 1          divergence eve vol 1

While walking around, Misaki comes across a young girl who is drawing on the road with chalk of some ornate demons – the quiet girl seems focused on her work and doesn’t talk to Misaki. The situation becomes serious as a GHOUL appears in the same area as Misaki and the young artist. As the GHOUL materializes, the station’s defenses are able to contain the being and Misaki is once again instructed to not reveal what she has seen to the other girls.


Episode 05: Seraphim

Watcher’s Nest draws some unwanted attention, a news reporter who is looking for a story and he thinks that the creation of Seraphim Squadron is a prime example that the military is trying to hide something. After getting to watch the girls run some simulations, he gets to ride along with the entire team during a “live drill” which will take place on board a ship off-station. Thinking that the reporter will be sated if he gets to see some action, he’ll decide that there isn’t a story and will leave it well enough alone.


However, during the start of the test a GHOUL appears suddenly through the barrier and attacks the training ship. The initial attack takes out the main power and the girls are going to rush to their pods to get away. With only Misaki and Kotoko (the android officer) knowing what they are against, the remaining members of the team aren’t prepared and are easy targets for the determined enemy. Although once the base is able to reinitialize the barrier, it is too late to protect the students, and none of them escape uninjured… especially Kotoko who literally loses her head.


Divergence Eve certainly turned into a much better diversion than the first 2 episodes showed from the preview disc led me to believe. The amount of concurrent stories and subplots are making for a much more interesting watch than you usually get from some science-fiction series. Not to say that the show doesn’t have its pointlessness – if a woman is attacked, odds are it’s going to be mildly erotic… if it’s Misaki, odds are even better that it’s going to involve her breasts. As long as that sort of thing doesn’t bother you, you’ll like Divergence Eve.


- Tazman

(March 30, 2005)


"Barkeep, I'll have a Fuzzy Navel and she'll have the girliest drink in the house."

"Two Fuzzy Navels coming up!"

             - Bender and Barkeep (Futurama)

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