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Geneshaft Volume 4: Mobius


With the death of Mario to save the ship, and the captain still being incapacitated the next few episodes are going to be interesting to see who steps up and how the remaining crew react. The final disc of Geneshaft is going to be exciting, so let’s get to it!


geneshaft mobius          geneshaft mobius


Episode 11: Rite of Passage

Mario’s suicide attack on Jean managed to save the Bilkis and her crew but the tempers of the staff have become frayed. Tiki has taken the death of her brother hard and she blames Mika for being unable to join the fight quickly enough, and Beatrice has undergone an awakening of sorts now that she has rediscovered her emotions.


Upon Mika’s return, Mir takes control of the shaft and suddenly cannot contain her emotions and decides that she wants to see Lord Sneak at all costs. Taking the shaft towards Ganymede she leaves the Bilkis unprotected; but not before Mika joins in the support position trying to regain control of the ship. Mir’s skills being superior, she manages to neutralize Mika’s attempt to control the mech and continues towards Ganymede. Seeing that the situation is getting worse, Sofia follows Mika in a shuttle in case they need to overpower Mir.


Now at Ganymede, Mika is unable to convince Mir that they should return to the Bilkis and Mir continues forward to confront Lord Sneak. Despite Mika’s offer of assistance, Mir thanks Mika and tells her that she intends to kill Lord Sneak herself. As Sofia and Mika get ready to return to the Bilkis with the Shaft, another Ring appears. With the Ring attacking the Bilkis, Dolce finally completes the new shaft program which will allow the mech to fight at full capacity for the first time. While the Bilkis keeps evading the Ring’s attacks, the shaft is coming at full speed towards the battle – and Mika discovers that the new program does not work correctly as she is subjected to full gravitational acceleration when she approaches the Ring.




Now knocked out, Sofia realizes that the acceleration bug does not affect the supporting crew just the main pilot, so she changes flight positions with Mika and activates the main gravity cannon of the shaft. After apologizing to Mika, the main cannon fires destroying both the Ring and Sofia’s control sphere killing her. The episode ends with the awakening of the captain who proclaims that “Oberus is near” and Mir finally approaching Lord Sneak with a drawn pistol.



Episode 12: The Gentle Man of Ganymede

The action continues to intensify in this episode. With yet another fatality, Mika is temporarily resting to try to recover from the emotional stress. The captain has finally awakened, and he directs Beatrice to scan the moon Europa, where Oberus is hidden. He reveals that the Oberus has been commanding the rings that have been attacking the Bilkis and Earth, and wants to destroy it to prevent future attacks. Now that Oberus has been found, he orders an attack on the site with all of the Bilkis’ weapons but all that happens besides the massive surface destruction is the release of an oxygen/nitrogen atmosphere around the blast site. With the attack unsuccessful, the captain decides to engage Oberus using the shaft and orders Mika to pilot it. Mika refuses the order, saying that she does not want to pilot the shaft any more. In the interim, Dolce requests Mika’s presence to rewrite the shaft’s program one more time, this time incorporating Mika’s DNA into the program to maximize its’ effectiveness. With the refusal of his orders, the captain uses the shaft’s transporter program to send him to the surface of Europa.


In the meantime, Mir is now confronting Lord Sneak and he reveals that he is merely one of a series of duplicates made by the immortals in a series of DNA experiments. Of all the duplicates, only he remains, with the other duplicates having already been terminated by the immortals. With such a fatalistic view of his own existence, his beliefs that the human race must be terminated are brought into focus and he now offers Mir a place beside him. With the new information, Mir puts down her gun and steps beside Lord Sneak. He now reveals much of the missing story. Lord Sneak also reveals the 2nd shaft to Mir and tells her that it was built to for her and sends her out in it, telling her that he will watch from Oberus.


Mika is now ordered by Beatrice to recover the captain who is carrying an explosive device capable of destroying the moon. Mika deploys with Tiki and heads towards the moon’s surface but not before the latest update from Dolce which includes the new DNA data incorporated. Now rushing towards the captain, a series of Rings appear before Mika (thousands of them) and she begins to fight her way through the mass unleashing the full potential of the shaft. The captain continues to walk on the surface of the moon with the explosive, while thinking about his past (which includes memories of Mika and Ryoko from when they were children) and he comes across Lord Sneak who suddenly appears before him. In space, Mika comes across the 2nd shaft which comes barreling towards her.


geneshaft mobius          geneshaft mobius


Episode 13: Childhood’s Beginning

With the attack on Europa started, Oberus activates its final program to eridicate the human race – sending a series of Rings to envelop the sun and destroy it. Above Europa, the two shafts begin engaging each other, with Mir trying to keep Mika away from the surface of Europa and away from Lord Sneak. After an extended battle, Mika manages to contain Mir and convince her that she doesn’t have to agree with Lord Sneak and that Oberus can be stopped. After convincing Mir to stand down, Mika continues on towards the surface of Europa and Mika has the Bilkis recover Mir.


Meanwhile on the surface of Europa, the captain faces off against Lord Sneak and manages to shoot him multiple times but Sneak does not die.


Now unhampered, Mika breaks the upper atmosphere and heads towards the moon’s surface. Upon landing, Dolce’s secret final program activates – and it creates the most powerful Ring ever around the moon. This Ring causes a drastic change to the surface of Europa, making it like the surface of Earth. With this change, Oberus deactivates its final program stopping the destruction of the sun.


This final disc of Geneshaft was very interesting, and the series did an excellent job of blending cool CG scenes with drama. All in all, this series is highly recommended.


- Tazman

(January 21, 2004)


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