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Running Time Approximately 40 minutes


Released by

Bandai Entertainment



- Anamorphic Widescreen

- English, Japanese, and Karaoke Subtitles

- 2 Bonus Videos




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Ghost in the Shell: Innocence Music Videos (DVD)


This stunningly gorgeous collection of animated music videos from Mamoru Oshii-directed motion picture Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence is presented in anamorphic widescreeen and multi-channel surround sound. It includes the magnificent background artwork used to create the world of Innocence, the music of Kenji Kawai, and the songs performed by Kimiko Ito, the famous Jazz vocalist. This DVD could be considered another version of Innocence due to its wonderful fusion between the deep and grandiose visuals which recreate the Mamoru Oshii world in detail and the sound created by Kenji Kawai which bestows life and atmosphere to those images.


DVD Chapters:

Incubation – The Ballade of Puppets; Flowers Grieve and Fall

Civilization – River of Crystals

Abyss – Attack of the Wakabayshi

Confusion – The Ballade of Puppets: In A New World, Gods Will Descend

Sabbath – The Doll House

Rumble – The Ballade of Puppets: The Ghost Awaits In The World Beyond

Pathos – Follow Me


ghost in the shell music videos          ghost in the shell music video

A series of music videos set to both the score and outside jazz to showcase the most overlooked character in Ghost In The Shell: Innocence, the background. Removing all of the characters that might evoke emotion with their own presences, we deal with only the inhuman and the backgrounds.


Video #1: Incubation

The creation of one of the prosthetic bodies set to the opening score. Does the purity of clean-room technology and duplication of the ideal human form match the grace of nature?


Video #2: Civilization

A slow jazz smoothes under the unnatural perfection of the cityscape. The bright lights and intense colors do not remove the darkness from the edges of the city. Especially true in the murder scene investigation, where the bright surroundings can not erase the darkness and obvious evil of the crimes.


Video #3: Abyss

A techno beat, rhythmic and industrial leads the viewer towards examining the world where the machines are being “dubbed”. Is such an inorganic place an appropriate place to begin an existence?




Video #4: Confusion

The primary score is used again, this time while we examine the natural energy of the city. Ignoring the people using it, the city has a natural flow of chi that ebbs and flows above the ground but not all the way to the spires of the highest buildings. Does man’s home have a life of its’ own?


Video #5: Sabbath

Using the dream sequence with the master hacker, we revisit both the score and the mystical world he created for his subjects.



Video #6: Rumble

A driving rhythm leads us as the nearing conflict seems to have an effect on everything, including the environment which seems to be matching the mood of the times.


Video #7: Pathos

Another jazz song leads us through a film noir look at the aftermath of Innocence. Not all the victims are necessarily human. The only character shown are the prosthetic bodies that we see in the movie.


Bonus Video #1: Gabriel

A montage of video clips showing Batou’s beloved Basset Hound Gabriel. A darn cute dog and certainly downright loveable. The background music is the musicbox score.


Bonus Video #2: Settings

The settings of Innocence – some show the old world being continuously pushed away by the new world and in some cases, that’s certainly not for the better. Showing just as much of the seemly underworld and grime as the beautiful structure and order of the wealthy side of the world. For this video, a simplistic orchestral score.


The collection of music videos certainly does an admirable job of showing off the depth of design that went into the creation of Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence but I can’t say that I took anymore out of the experience than I already had out of the movie. To a person that hadn’t seen the movie, it would probably entice them to watch it but I can’t say that it provided any new insights to the movie.


- Tazman

(September 22, 2005)


"From now on I'm only eating food that had a soul."

- Bart (The Simpsons)

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