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- Interview with Junichi Fujisaki, Yoshiki Sakurai, Nobuyasu Terato

- Interview with Dai Sate, Shotaro Suga




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Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Volume 6 (DVD)


Togusaís in the hospital after being shot, but heís desperate to impart what heís learned to the rest of the group. Others have become aware of Section 9ís investigations and decide to move against them.


After a battle with the governmentís latest prototype weapon, the Armed Suit, Major Kusinagiís prosthetic body is badly damaged. However, when she goes to get it repaired she finds that someone is out to get her. Aramaki learns that this conspiracy goes deeper than even he expected. And once again, the Laughing Man has appeared. And just like he did six years earlier, he abducts the president of Serano Genomics. Is history about to repeat itself?


ghost in the shell vol 6 review          ghost in the shell vol 6 review


There are some awesome perks to being a member of the press; advance copies of anime that Iíve been itching for comes to mindÖ but now Iíve got to wait even longer for the final discÖ damn.


Volume 05 ended with the shooting of Togusa just as he had made some rather startling discoveries about the Murai Vaccine and the depth of the conspiracy to keep the truth hidden. Even more surprising than the unveiled conspiracy, is that the aggressors were a DEA team and only a highly ranked party official could have the clout to use them. Itís going to pick up quickly, letís dive in.


Episode 21: Eraser

Attacking one of their own has left Section 9 chomping at the bit for some retribution. The Chief knows that any bad moves will allow the villains to escape by destroying evidence. The first move will be to collect the man who was most responsible for not certifying the Murai Vaccine but when they arrive at his home, it has been destroyed and the man is on the run. With the stakes this high, the Chief calls in a favor and gets the assistance of the United Statesí wiretapping ability and is eventually able to track down the potential witness.


The witness is holing up in a hotel room and Bateau is able to get to him, but before they can safely extract the witness the same DEA team is deployed "fix" any possible



information leaks. Even worse, the team has managed to get a hold of some really impressive equipment: a powered Armor suit that can stop pretty much anything. This isnít going to be a pretty fight.


Episode 22: Scandal

The battle with the DEA team left a ton of casualties: one dead witness, most of the aggressor force dead, and the Majorís body which has been trashed. However, the news isnít all bad Ė the team 


managed to get one witness and the Laughing Man made a quick appearance and gave Bateau the list that Togusa was hunting down with the names of the people who have received the Murai Vaccine. First things first, Section 9 is going to continue to hunt down the remnants of the DEA team; but they are going to have to do it without the Major, who is going to have to replace her body and have her cyber-brain transferred.


The DEA team members arenít going to go down without a fight, they set a nasty trap. Chief Aramakiís long lost brother has apparently turned up and is in a prison hospital for drug treatment, and when the Chief tries to go check up on him, he is denied access to him.


Wanting to clear his brotherís name, he heads out to the area where he was picked up and begins investigating and comes across 2 of his brotherís friends. The men claim to have evidence exonerating his brother from the drug charges, and when he goes to join them they jump him and inject him with drugs, and then call the police. So with the police en route, the Chief is going to need help to escape this ploy to discredit him. For the Major, her body work isnít going clockwork either, the doctor has been replaced by the remaining member of the team and a prone Kusinagi canít do anything about it with her network connections locked out. Whoís going to help the heroine?


ghost in the shell vol 6 review          ghost in the shell vol 6 review


Episode 23: Equinox

The Laughing Man makes a major move, he re-captures the head of Serano Genomics and once again implores him to reveal the truth about the treatments for the fatal disease Cyber-brain Sclerosis that the Murai Vaccine is a cure for. The Laughing Man has not done half the attacks that he has been credited with, and his true goals are finally exposed. Will his impassioned pleas to the CEO convince him to live up to his original agreements?


This disc of Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex carried a lot of momentum and the plot has moved into a higher gear now that all the major players are being exposed and their motivations explained. It's an excellently paced disc that makes me antsy for the final disc of this season.


- Tazman

(May 15, 2005)


"Hey Ganisha, want a peanut?"

"Please do not offer my god a peanut."

- Homer and Apu (The Simpsons)

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