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Godannar Volume 1: Engage and Destroy (DVD)


Five years ago, as the Mimetic Beasts laid waste to Japan, Dannar Pilot Goh saved young Anna Aoi’s life. Now, as they prepare to march down the aisle, a new Beast appears and Goh is summoned into battle once more. But he’s not going alone, not if his blushing bride-to-be can help it! It’s a honeymoon from hell as two stubborn mecha pilots bump interlocking parts, they’ll form the ultimate marriage of man, woman, and machine! The battle of the sexes and the battle for the future of mankind are fought simultaneously in the wildest giant robot series ever, GODANNAR!


I remember the early days of fan-boy-age (not a real word) where not every series that I watched was going to make it over to this side of the ocean. Now-a-days, apparently everything that I am watching is making the transition, and I couldn’t be happier (although that means that I’m having to start to remember 2 different names for some series: original Japanese, and whatever they decide to call the show in English). Godannar is one of those goofy series that I watched for its’ ecchi moments (read: humorous perversion) which blended well with the bright and impressive combat animation. Think of it as a battle for the survival of Earth with tons of fanservice: a less serious and insidious Evangelion perhaps (maybe not… Godannar never quite reaches that level of seriousness). Now if I can somehow abuse my powers to get some older shows licensed and translated like the original Hanaukyo Maid Team (not La Verite), Ebichu, and G-On Riders (you can just sense my credibility as an “expert” falling). Anyways, let’s Go-Dannar!


godannar          gadannar


Episode 01: Wedding Bells On The Battlefield

Year 2047. Earth is in serious trouble. The population is continually attacked by Mimetic Beasts – giant creatures that can not only destroy, but have some ability to control electronics. So the people of Earth count on pilots of giant robots to fight on their behalf against these behemoths; and one of the best Goh is getting married. During the Giant War (when the beast first started arriving), he simultaneously lost his girlfriend (and partner) and met his future wife (then a 12 year old girl) who he saved during the fighting. His wife, Anna is still a high-school student but is training to be a pilot of the defense forces. The wedding ceremony has reached the vows then is interrupted by the attack of another Mimetic Beast – this one has already defeated an important defender; and so the defense force calls both Goh and Anna’s mother Kiriko back to the base (she’s the commander of the base). As Goh and Kiriko rush back, Anna refuses to wait, so she heads there on her own; but she’s caught in the shelling and is knocked down and unconscious.



Goh has launched in Dannar, and has moved to save the deployed pilot (G-Gunner) but he’s struggling against the powerful beast. Anna has awakened, but she’s stumbled across an abandoned defense base – the one that contains Neo-Okusaer (the robot that Goh’s girlfriend used to pilot). The attack has activated the automated defenses, and the Neo-Okusaer is prepped to launch – and Anna’s going to pilot it. She quickly saves her 


would-be husband, and with the damage that he’s sustained, they have to merge units to finish the beast. Convincing him that they have no choice – they merge Neo-Okusaer and Dannar into Godannar and defeat the large beast; but on destroying it, a pod opens up and the nude body of Goh’s former girlfriend Mira falls out.


Episode 02: Burning Virgin Road

Goh is definitely not happy to see Anna in the piloting program, he does not want to lose another lover in this dangerous line of work. So, he’s doing his best to find a way to scrub her from the program; but everyone else is making his life tougher for hiding the fact that he was getting married to such a young girl. Anna’s being worked to the bone with the exhaustive training in addition to the household chores (for the home that she shares with Goh and his younger brother Shinobu) and general studies for high school. Shinobu goes to school with Anna (and harbors a not so small attraction to her) and does his best to look out for her.


Inside the base, the repair crews are hard at work not only repairing the units that fought, but also trying to rebuild Club Mariner (the unit that was captured before the beast reached Japan) from the remaining parts that were salvaged. Unfortunately, enough of the Mimetic Beast remained on the parts of the robot, and it was able to reform and break out of the base and begin a rampage in the nearby city. Goh rushes back to the base to launch in Dannar; but Anna sees the beast while she rides with Shinobu – she then takes control of the scooter and leads the monster on a chase through and out of the city. She’s heading for the school campus, more specifically the stockpile of trainer robots where she’ll at least have something that moves faster. The beast catches up and attacks the building, but Goh arrives at the same moment and strikes the monster. He frantically looks for Anna and his brother, but can find neither.


Episode 03: Battle Royal Honeymoon

Out of anger, Goh quickly dispatches the Mimetic Beast that attacked the city; he laments that he still hasn’t completed the wedding ceremony with Anna and considering that he still can’t find her, he cries out. Meanwhile, a serious threat has approached one of the larger communities – a Mimetic Beast that’s over 1100 meters long; and so this is going to require the assistance of more than one robot: four pairings are sent out: Dragliner (England), Genesister (American), Volspina (Russian), and Goddiner (China) have begun to engage the behemoth. [The female pilot from the Volspina team may be wearing the most provocative outfit outside of hentai]


Back in the city, we learn that Shinobu and Anna were merely trapped underneath the wreckage of the collapsed building and were both ok, but the truth about Anna’s marriage has leaked to her girlfriends. Now that Goh has finally realized how much he loves Anna, he has accepted her into the pilot program and the two have been given their first “official” mission: they are to join in the battle against the monstrous Mimetic Beast. The beast is making mincemeat against the team in their second sortie – it’s managed to keep the assaulters off-balance and even knock out Dragliner. Goh and Anna jump into the fray with the rest of the team and working together, they are able to isolate its’ weak point and hit their finishing moves: Heatbreaker and Soulbreaker.


Episode 04: Shizuru, Once Again

Shizuru, the main pilot of G-Gunner is in the midst of a funk – she’s under significant pressure in life to finally settle down and get married, but she harbors feelings for Goh (that she’s definitely not going to get a chance to resolve) and she’s chomping at the bit to get back into action. The repairs for G-Gunner are nearing completion, but it may not be finished before the attack of the next Mimetic Beast (which just finished chomping down on a nearby facility). Goh and Anna are deployed once the beast nears the city, but this beast incorporates some downright nasty genetic weapons. Besides some explosive shells that it can launch from its’ carapace, it can also regenerate damage quickly. Goh moves in with Dannar to engage at close range, but the beast shoots spines from all directions of its’ body and puncture the robot twice in the chest. Dannar is damaged, Goh is hurt and the mission is going to be tabled for the time being.


Now having to come up with an alternative, the engineering division is going to rush repairs on G-Gunner and Kiriko has come up with a new attack plan: Okusaer is going to cripple the beasts’ regeneration ability with an explosive, then G-Gunner will finish it off with sustained rifle fire. The mission starts smoothly, but while Anna moves in to plant the explosive, the detonator is damaged, and the explosive cannot be set off at a safe distance. So yet another new plan must be developed; but while they are standing, Goh arrives with Dannar and a new plan – G-Gunner will shoot the explosive and Godannar will finish it. The new plan works flawlessly, and they manage to defeat the dangerous opponent.


Episode 05: The Girl From The Sky

On board the Cosmos Station, the young girl Lou is the commo-officer and during an attack of on the station by a Mimetic Beast, she loses her uncle. The attack is swift, and the damage so extensive, that a general evacuation of the station is ordered. Lou and her father boarded the only robot on base and begin battling the beast, but in the middle of the fight, he launches away her portion of the robot back to Earth on autopilot. Her father continues to fight the beast, but the last thing that Lou can see is an explosion that consumes the space around the station. Back in the city, Lou’s fighter enters the lower atmosphere and crashes into the mountains nearby. The base responds, and brings in the unconscious Lou and her robot, Cosmic Diver.


When she awakens, Lou insists on being allowed to re-join the fight with her father, but Kiriko will not let her and tells her that they must wait until a rescue crew has flown to the wreckage of the station and assessed the situation. In the meantime, Lou will remain with Anna, Goh, and Shinobu. The team has managed to reach the remains of the station, but something has gone wrong during the investigation and a large portion of the wreckage has broken away and is going to head into the atmosphere. With no choice, the base is forced to come up with a way to counter this problem; they are going to launch Cosmic Diver piloted by Lou and Goh and try and gain escape velocity with the equipment that they already have. Managing to get into space, Goh and Lou examine the remains of the space station and learn the fate of Lou’s father – he perished while battling the beast and they end up fighting the monster. She’s really upset at the loss of her father, but with Goh’s prodding, she remains in the fight and the two manage to defeat the beast while re-entering the atmosphere. Goh promises to watch over Lou like a father, and their little home is quickly filling up. In the infirmary, the unconscious Mira finally awakens and leaves the water that she’s been healing in.


It’s easy for me to say that I was very happy to see this first volume of Godannar, not just because I’m a big fan of the series, but because there were a ton of really neat extras on this disc and it was great to see the series in high definition with 5.1 sound instead of a crappy transfer. I’m definitely licking my chops over volume 02.


- Tazman

(September 9, 2006)


"This whole situation has turned his life upside-down-face."

- Brian (Family Guy)

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