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Godannar Volume 2: 'Til Death Do Us Part (DVD)


It’s hard enough being secretly married, a giant robot pilot and in high school; but when your mother’s also your boss, how’s a girl to know what’s personal and what’s a matter of national security? All Anna knows is that her husband’s up to something and Mom’s covering his tracks! And things get even more complicated when the British Dragliner team crashes the party! Between the dashing Knight’s attempts to mount every filly in the stable, the unexpected resurrection of Goh’s first love and a giant volcanic island ruled by Mimetic Beasts, the Giant Robot action has never been hotter than in the second scorching volume of GODANNAR!


The first disc of Godannar did an admirable job of introducing us to most of the team, but more importantly the early foreshadowing that we’ve seen for future storylines is going to come into play. Drama and conflict are going to become more important to the story as we progress from this point on, so let’s dive in.


godannar vol 2          godannar vol 2


Episode 06: The End of the Dream

The episode starts off with a flash-back to the battle 5 years ago where Mira was lost – she uses the last of the energy in her suit to initiate a final attack to protect Goh in Dannar. The memory of losing his partner and lover in the battle haunts him to this day. Kiriko shows Goh what the base has been hiding: the Mimetic Beast that had part of Club Mariner in it actually held the bodies of two people: Max and Mira. Max has been comatose the entire time until just recently, but his body has had some chemical changes to it so the staff is weary of him. Mira on the other hand seems perfectly normal, except her memories are lost and she has been reduced to the mental acuity of a newborn.


As you could imagine, the strain of finding his long lost lover is having an effect on his personality, and Anna has noticed and is concerned. She tries to ask her mother, Kiriko about it, but she dismisses the accusation as nothing; Anna perseveres and decides to spy on them using Lou to help. While following Kiriko, Anna and Lou find the only room in the entire base that is locked – Anna watches the code being entered, and once her mother leaves, she sneaks in on her own. Once Anna enters the room, the Captain calls immediately for Kiriko and Goh (with Shinobu in tow) only to find Anna talking to the woman. Kiriko and Goh are remaining quiet, but Shinobu knows the woman immediately and speaks up. Anna likes Mira and decides to have her stay with them; the pair quickly become inseparable in a mother/daughter like relationship. Goh wants to tell the truth to Anna about his previous relationship with Mira, but Kiriko doesn’t think it would be a good idea and would put strain onto their marriage. That evening, Mira is walking around the base and enters Max’s room – she spontaneously removes his oxygen mask and leans in to kiss him but collapses. Max awakens, takes Mira and steals Core Gunner from the bay. Now on a rampage, he begins shooting wildly inside the base and starts yelling over the com at how he’s taking Mira this time from Goh. Anna then looks at Goh wanting to know if this is true.


Episode 07: Death by Reminiscence

With the control room hit, Goh jumps to save Anna from falling debris and the two share a quick moment. Goh is cosmetically injured, but he then runs towards the bay and launches in Dannar. Anna remains behind and her mother approaches her by explaining that not telling her about Mira was her idea. When she asks why, she responds that she wanted her to remain happy. She is particularly angry at Goh, but she won’t let him fight alone and she jumps into Neo-Okusaer. The pair merge into Godannar and try to contain Max in Core Gunner, but they don’t want to damage either the pilots or the machine (as they are still repairing it). Thankfully, with the incomplete repairs they believe that they can recapture it and the Captain is driving 



Shizuru who will board the robot. Shizuru manages to head to the cockpit but Max has started to transform into some strange organism and has taken up a large portion of the space with tendrils from his body. Godannar has used up all its ammo and cannot stop the next attack, thankfully Lou launched in Cosmic Diver and fires a few shots to disable the robot. As the systems fail, Max starts to revert to normal and Shizuru takes control of Core Gunner.



Episode 08: The Great Mr. Shoot-To-Kill

Knight and Ellis Valentine are the brother/sister team that pilot Dragliner, the bomber robot. They sustain some serious damage to their ship while fighting a flying Mimetic Beast and are forced to put down for repairs at the Dannar Base. The beast that they fought put up strong resistance and teams around the world are having no success in stopping it despite superior firepower. In the meantime, the repair crew is going to have to overhaul the ship to get it up and ready to fight while still trying to repair the extensive damage to the base from the Max/Core Gunner rampage. So Knight is running around the base romancing every girl in sight (even Lou), but his sights seem drawn continually to his sister. In the evening, he ended up on the beach and came across Mira… after subconsciously superimposing Ellis’ face on Mira he tries to kiss her up until Goh punches him in the face.


The next day, Dragliner is pressed back into duty against the Mimetic Beast, but the repair crew has come up with something important. After copying the engines from Dragliner, they were able to upgrade the Jetboy systems so that Godannar and Neo-Okusaer could also join the battle. Goh and Anna work on firing at the Beast to force it into a bad position that Dragliner could expose, but the Beast instead counter-attacks. The counter-attack is aimed at Anna which causes Goh to run to help (he made a level 7 mistake as well – he screamed out Mira’s name instead of Anna)… unfortunately it damages both of their Jetboy systems and they crash to the island below. As Dragliner watches their comrades fall, they fail to notice the approach of the Beast who also downs the ship and they join the other 2 on the island.


Episode 09: Castaway Survival

The Dannar Base tries to coordinate a search and rescue effort around the island to try and find the downed pilots and equipment, but the flying Mimetic Beast continues to circle the island impeding the search and for some reason, all communication channels are being jammed. On the island, the pilots have managed to survive unscathed but Anna is still quite upset with Goh’s mistake. For some reason, the flying Beast continues to circle the area, but does not attack the people on the ground. The first night, Anna pretends to sleep while Goh explains to Knight about Mira – with hearing Goh’s true feelings, she isn’t as mad at him anymore. During the day, Goh begins clearing a path for Dragliner to take off while Knight, Ellis, and Anna work on repairing the robot from scavenged parts from the two Jetboys. With most of the repairs done, the crews take a much deserved break but their relaxation is disturbed by a series of tremors and a volcanic eruption. So, Dragliner is going to have to fly quicker than expected – so Dannar and Neo-Okusaer quickly finish clearing a path while Knight and Ellis complete the repairs.


The Dragliner manages to take off, but suddenly a large Mimetic Beast breaks the ground from beneath and hits it with some webbing. Dannar and Neo-Okusaer jump to break the webbing and begin fighting the giant beast. With Dragliner free, the flying beast zeroes in on them and they join the battle. Knight takes a more aggressive approach than previously by tying it up then moving in close with Dragfighter and forcing both them and the beast into the water. They managed to kill the beast but Dragliner is going to need repairs again. On the island, Anna and Goh combine into Godannar and manage to defeat the beast despite the uneven terrain – unfortunately, the ground gives way but with the beast killed, the jamming stops and Shizuru is able to save them in Core Gunner from falling.


Godannar’s second disc was pretty good but it was much more serious in content than the fist disc, not that it is a particularly bad thing, just so that people who saw the first won’t be too surprised.


- Tazman

(March 13, 2006)


"If you get sweaty and want to take your shirt off that'd be fine. Or tie it in a knot, your choice."

- Herbert (Family Guy)

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