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Godannar Volume 3: Nuclear Family Meltdown (DVD)


As the Mimetic Beasts stage a series of spectacular surprise assaults, Anna finds her entire world falling apart. With a renegade pilot on the loose, Lou rebelling, Mira running around half naked and Goh losing control, Anna finds herself on the edge of a breakdown. Then an unexpected loss and a horrifying betrayal push her over the edge into the abyss. Everything goes to hell in the stunning third volume of GODANNAR!


The third volume of Godannar brings us to the end of the first season of the show – and appropriately a little bit of a cliff hanger for the series. The tension has been rising as the series has been running and there’s no looking to let up any time right now, so let’s keep going.


godannar volume 3          godannar volume 3


Episode 10: Lou’s Sortie

On Caucasus 1 – one of the larger oil refinery platforms in the world, an unidentified pilot and robot pair engage a large number of Mimetic Beasts and wipe out the enemy at extensive cost and damage to the facility. The Council is left with no option but to declare the unknown combatant as an outlaw and issue a warrant for his or her capture. Meanwhile, preparations are being put underway to finish rebuilding Cosmo Base – the memories associated with it at hard on Lou, but she still wants to see the shuttles that will bring up equipment to the site. While on a bike ride towards the site, she comes across a cave that a seriously injured man has holed up in. She performs first aid on his wounds and starts sneaking food to him. He introduces himself as Ken, and he is the pilot of the outlaw machine. Lou discovers that the Mimetic Beasts that Ken fought are similar in type to the ones that attacked Cosmo Base and killed her father – the information angers her and she once again insists that she learn to pilot her suit, but both Anna and Goh will not teach her.


Lou is left with no option, and she goes to Ken and asks him to teach her. He eventually agrees and begins teaching her the basics in maneuvering and combat against larger foes. As the training continues, she also helps Ken ready his machine and she becomes familiar with working the larger robots. As the Dannar base goes on alert for another Mimetic Beast sighting, Lou hears the alarm and heads for her Cosmo Diver and breaks out of the Dannar base with it. The surprise theft of the suit leaves everyone shocked and the Commander orders Goh and Anna to head out after her, but with her suit’s speed they cannot catch up to her until she’s already in battle. Making things worse, the fight is happening at the sea bottom and neither Dannar nor Neo-Okusaer are rated for underwater fighting at that depth so they can do nothing but circle the battle and pray for Lou’s safety. Lou is doing relatively well, and she forces the beasts back to their nest to regroup… and they do that in spades. Lou’s now outnumbered and surrounded.




Episode 11: An Innocent Departure

Lou has no option but to cut and run – so she stirs up the silt on the ground and jumps to get out of the water as quickly as possible. But the enemy is not letting her get away easily, they

rush after her and some are gaining. Just as she’s about to be caught, Ken arrives in his suit to intercept the charging enemies. He then pulls her out of the water and begins annihilating any enemies that come into 


his path. Just as he’s about to attack the largest foe, Anna and Goh drop down and move in to arrest Ken. As both sides are about to square off, Lou steps between them and prevents blows from being exchanged – Ken then turns and leaves. Lou is taken back to the Dannar base and for her actions, she’s placed in the brig – her guards are Shizuru and Shinobu.


The Doctor has prepared an analysis of the current strain of beasts that they’re fighting – she outlines their weak points and has determined that they can reproduce rapidly but they require a rare ore to do so. Goh points out that a nearby facility has a rather large stockpile and suggests that it might be a target soon. Almost immediately, the facility comes under attack and both Goh and Anna are sent out to defend it. Back at the base, Mira goes on one of her near-nude romps around the base and when she comes across Shizuru and Shinobu, the pilot quickly blocks the vision of the young man. As Mira runs off, Shizuru runs after her… so Lou makes her move. She makes some noise and as Shinobu goes in to check, Lou jumps him from above and locks him into the room. Lou makes her way to Cosmo Diver and launches once again – however, her departure doesn’t go unnoticed (I’d hate to think the launching of a 4 story robot could be done stealthily) and Kiriko tells both Anna and Goh to quickly dispatch the enemies before Lou gets there. They combine into Godannar and defeat all but one of the enemies – Ken arrives to take care of the final. The appearance of the rogue pilot annoys Goh to no end and he intends to take him down. He’s mad that he was involved with Lou and he won’t listen to reason or common sense – and as a result, Godannar is defeated rather badly. Lou arrives on the scene and instead of returning home, she decides to follow Ken.


Episode 12: Those Who Have Departed

The damage to both Dannar and Neo-Okusaer is extensive, and both suits look to be out of commission for a while. Making matters worse, Goh is doubly upset at losing Lou and losing so badly in single combat and is sulking a bit. Over in China, the Godinner team has also been working hard at fighting Mimetic Beasts and they come across a terrifying discovery – a huge Mimetic Beast egg colony that is about to hatch. It looks as though the world is about to be swarmed by beasts once again. The shuttle launch is nearing, but wouldn’t you know it a Mimetic Beast is nearing the launch facility. With the Dannar at only about 25% operational, and Neo-Okusaer at 10% a tough decision is going to have to be made. Shizuru offers to launch in Core Gunner alone, but Goh has to buy her dinner when she returns. As a support machine, the Core Gunner isn’t designed for the close combat that it’s being deployed in, but Shizuru is making her machine dance and she’s eventually able to down the monster after expending most of her ammunition. Just as it looks as though she’s won, a wave of 7 Beasts starts approaching the island – fearing that the supplies won’t make it to the space workers, Shizuru is going to hold her position and protect the shuttle launch. Goh launches in Dannar, but he’s not going to make it in time – the launch will occur before he makes it to the site. As Dannar makes it to the island, the shuttle has launched, all the beasts have left, but the Core Gunner is in a heap.


Shizuru is rushed back to the base unconscious and gravely wounded. She wakes up only momentarily to speak a few words to Goh, then passes away. A distraught Goh goes to the morgue and sits with Shizuru’s body. As he’s sitting there, Mira comes to see him but he’s doesn’t really want company. Sensing that he’s in pain, she removes the towel from Shizuru’s face and kisses her. The kiss causes Shizuru to glow blue, but Goh doesn’t see that he merely hugs her from behind and pulls her away from the body. Unfortunately, this is the moment that Anna walks in and she immediately turns around for home. She grabs a suitcase, fills it with clothes, and leaves the base with her cat. Mira on the other hand suddenly changes her expression and has regained her lost memories.


Episode 13: Last First Kiss

The morale around the base is terrible – the Core Gunner is irreparable and the loss of a pilot is heart-breaking. Shinobu has also left the Dannar base, but his mission is self-ordained – he’s going to find Anna, and it’s taken a week but he’s finally tracked her down. He offers to remain by her side while she finally figures out what she wants to do, but the world won’t let that happen – a large scale invasion of Mimetic Beasts has occurred across the planet. All teams are caught up in intense fights against the onslaught, and the news is bleak. Anna decides that she must go back to the base to help in the defense but all normal methods of transportation have been stopped for the war effort. A kindly truck driver offers to drive her to the base, but he doesn’t have any room for Shinobu – so he gets left behind with all the luggage. The pair talk during the drive, and the driver regales Anna about his lost wife and children from the last major attack of Mimetic Beasts and how he now has a new wife and child, despite the fact that he never thought that he could do that again. He gives her some advice about marriage, but their talk is stopped as the highway is blocked.


Anna makes her way to the blockade and speak to the officer in charge, asking him to contact the Dannar Base for a pickup. Just as he’s reaching in, a Mimetic Beast approaches and all carnage ensues. Making things more hectic, Pinpin decides to start going into labor at just this moment. Anna is terrified and cannot figure out what to do, but Goh suddenly arrives in Dannar and starts fighting the beast. She incredibly happy to see him come to protect her… but then, someone shows up piloting Neo-Okusaer. Hearing the voices, she realizes the pilot is Mira and sees as a pair of professionals can do in those robots.


Wow. Just wow. An excellent disc. Now I’ve got to wait a few months for the next disc… damn. Time to start getting the shakes and other withdrawal symptoms.


- Tazman

(March 20, 2006)


"Brian, I feel awful. Stewie and I were getting along so good and now he hates me. How do I get him to like me again?"

"Well, that depends. Do you want my advice, or are you asking random questions again?"

"What's a hypotenuse?"


- Peter and Brian (Family Guy)

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