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Gravion Zwei Volume 01:

Eye of the Storm (DVD)


Effeminate Heroes! Giant Fighting Robots! Gravity-Defying Breasts!


Sandm an and his ragtag crew of misfits and loners are back at it again, saving the Earth from the deadly Zeravire invasion… only this time, they won’t be the only ones on duty!


Enter the elite G-Soldier Squadron, the first unit in the government’s attempt to mass-produce Gravion technology. Led by the ace pilot Faye, will the G-Soldiers push the Earthgertz gang out of a job?


Meanwhile, facing a series of stepped up Zeravire attacks, Sandman decides his team needs some time off at a hot springs resort!? What better way to form a cohesive fighting unit than to see everyone in their skivvies? Towels fly and karaoke maids abound as the Gravion team battles a hidden danger deep within a nearby volcano.


Hold on to your feather duster! With a legion of perky maids and more FAN SERVICE than you can shake a stick at (No, not that stick!), Gravion Zwei has all the action, comedy and MADCAP ADVENTURE you’ve been looking for!


How on the Earth did an anime that lives off of Fan Service slip under my radar? And one with robots? Geez, I’m slipping. Well, Gravion Zwei continues where Gravion left off (Captain Obvious here) and brings a show which does an interesting balance of humor and fan-service with old school sentai shows like Go-Lion! (better known in North America as Voltron) or Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers (damn, I promised myself that I would never reference that show). Those able to shut their brains off will have the best time watching.


gravion zwei          gravion zwei


Episode 01: The Super Heavyweight God Descends Again

The episode starts by showing the new competition, the G-Soldier Squadron finishing their shakedown tests. The new group expects to be ready for combat once the next Zeravire attack comes. Back at the Gravion team, the entire force is stuck doing the maid’s duties for an entire day thanks to Eiji’s run of bad luck at a game of Strip Mahjong (that’s just too weird to be a lie). Slightly more disturbing is the fact that Eiji and Toga are also dressed up in maid outfits to complete their chores. All of this chaos can take place because their caretaker Mr. Sandman is away on business.


gravion zwei


The quasi-fun is upset when the Zeravire attack, and the team must deploy. Their initial attacks prove pointless, and they cannot combine units to form Gravion without Mr. Sandman. How are they going to survive this fight?




Episode 02: The Beautiful Reunion

Yumi, Kaori, Otari, and Takasu decide to visit Eiji at the Saint-Aubain castle where the Gravion team is stationed. With the arrival of guests, Mr. Sandman decides that it would be a good opportunity to let the guests tour the facility and that it would be a beautiful day to go on a picnic. So, the entire team and support staff head out to the country with the Gran Divas and hold a picnic. The fun turns serious when Yumi and Kaori accidentally activate the drill unit and it takes off at high speed with them in it.



The release that I saw contained only the first two episodes of this disc, but from what I saw on this promotional release you have a very bright and showy anime that toes the line of being corny without being cheesy and ecchi without being explicit. With the GONZO team being involved, it’s pretty much what you’d expect from the combat sequences for a big robot show – big explosions, showy transformations, and a lot of movement and flying around (now if they didn’t have a minute and a half transformation sequence). Those who appreciate a show that doesn’t take itself too seriously will have the best time with this anime.


- Tazman

(January 24, 2005)


"Alright. You've got three days to earn a merit badge, or he's out of the scouts."

"Three days? Ah geez. That's tomorrow, we better get moving."

- Scout Master and Peter (The Family Guy)

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