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Haré and Guu Volume 1 (DVD)


Welcome to the jungle, the peaceful home of fun-loving ten year old Haré. That is, until Guu moves in. She may look like an innocent orphan girl to everyone else, but only Haré knows that Guu is really a pan-dimensional, mind-reading, magic-using monster with a sarcastic wit and an unlimited appetite! Prepare yourself for chest-hair afros, weird jungle creatures, and the craziest comedy, well, ever, with the wacky adventures of Haré + Guu!


Now this is a really neat series to make its’ way over here. I’m a big fan of the franchise and have watched the entire series and both OVA series and follow this run. I’m a big fan of weird-funny anime… and there are few that do either as well.


hare and guu          hare and guu


Illusion 1: Beginning. Beginning

Haré is a very serious kid, he takes good care of his home and his mother. He can be a bit selfish at times, but considering how few people seem to have consideration for him, it’s definitely excused. Weda is the young mother of Haré, a prolific hunter and extreme party animal – it’s almost as though she’s the child and her son is the adult, you certainly get that feeling from Haré. She torments him at near every occasion, mostly because he’s such a ripe target. She sends him out to collect some bananas, but as he’s returning, he is attacked by some dark force and is eaten. Strangely enough, he eventually makes it home, sans bananas, and runs to his mother for comfort.


Weda doesn’t believe him, and leaves him to tend the house. But she does have a caring side – she quickly takes in the orphan girl Guu and makes her a member of the family, no questions asked. Guu is not what she appears – to everyone else: a cute girl, to Haré: a demon who tortures him at every opportunity. Besides her propensity to eat anything and then regurgitate it at some later point: people, furniture, animals…, she has a vicious tongue that can build up Haré’s spirit only to send it crashing down a minute later. Guu evens eats him at one point and sends him to the alternate dimension that is her stomach – besides being furnished by The Yellow Submarine, it is the home to a pair of people who have met him before. This is all a little too much for Haré to deal with.


Illusion 2: Siesta Guu Guu

Today will be Guu’s first day at school – and the thought completely fills Haré with dread. They manage to make it to school and Haré sends Guu along to meet the teacher, Lazy-sensei (not just a name, it’s a lifestyle choice). He thankfully decides to check up on her, and prevents her from eating their teacher while he naps. They have their introductions,and Lazy-sensei will bring her along for the start of class, so Haré heads on alone. He’s met quickly by Marie, the young girl who is infatuated with Haré; and the rest of the class has learned that they will have a new student. All are excited to have someone new joining them and are quick to surround and question her… but Haré can sense that trouble could quickly follow, especially with 



Guu around. So he runs around like an idiot to quickly defuse any situations before she can act. Lazy-sensei has made first period “nap-time” so everyone eventually falls asleep. When Haré awakens, he’s alone in the room; he sets to searching the school but he can’t find any sign of the others nor anyone else until he is surprised by Guu while hunting around. He thinks that she may have eaten everyone again, but conversation with her only confirms it.



Haré runs into Lazy-sensei who wants him to wake up the class and bring them to another room to start the lesson, so he heads back to the classroom and finds everyone back and discussing a group-dream. They all visited the other dimension and don’t find it strange that they all had the same experience; Haré on the other hand can’t believe what has happened.


Illusion 3: Go With Chest Hair

Haré’s still a bit freaked out about the whole disappearing class incident, and so he’s not exactly looking forward to the next class – cooking. For this lecture, they are going to have a special instructor: the town Elder. This dynamic man is a magnificent hunter and leader and wears his tuft of chest hair like a trophy. He gives the class some instruction and then sets them to work on their assignment. Haré is paired with Guu and is thinking of nothing but finishing the work, until he sees Guu accidentally chop off half her arm while cutting vegetables, pick the pieces of the floor, eat them, and then regrow her missing arm. Somehow, they manage to finish their assignment and are about to eat their work but the elder notices that Guu isn’t eating much. He asks why not, and Haré responds that she does not each much… so he decides to give her a “charm” – a giant face first hug into his bushel of chest-hair. Guu seems no worse for wear from the experience, but her facial expression is probably ominous. As class lets out for the day, the elder is behind finishing up the leftovers when he is suddenly attacked by some unidentified monster. Toposte (the Elder’s grandson) has found the Elder knocked out; someone or something has left the man with a knot on his head and shaved off all his chest hair. Unfortunately, Haré finds the perp soon enough… Guu and Weda are disco dancing, and Guu is wearing an afro wig… made of chest hair.


Haré fears the worst of this situation, his family may be kicked out of the village and he wants to placate the Elder immediately. So he and Guu head over to talk to him, and when they arrive, he apparently has re-grown a new chest full of hair. Haré is having a hard time believing that (who wouldn’t?), but as the Elder starts talking he suddenly catches Guu’s eyes and becomes terribly afraid. Not wanting to upset him further, Haré takes Guu with him and they leave… only to find out that Guu attacked him again and re-shaved his chest. The Elder is now bed-ridden and smooth-chested. Haré goes to visit the next day to try and cheer him up but he can’t seem to help him… then Guu arrives. His intense terror of Guu seems to be an excellent motivator, but he cannot leave the house without chest-hair. So Guu gives back one of the bushels and ties it to his chest with string.


Illusion 4: Morning Smooch

Wadi is the not-so quiet member of the class, he’s perpetually laughing like a hyena at either one of his own jokes or at something only he can find funny. But his constant braying has drawn the attention of Guu and that probably isn’t for the best. After class, Lazy-sensei hands out cleaning duties and somehow Guu has been paired with Wadi on an assignment. Needless to say, Haré is terrified of this situation, but he has his own work to take care of with Marie. He’s not doing a particularly good job and Marie starts to talk to him about it, and she reads his answers as though he has an unrequited love of Guu. He can’t believe that’s what she thinks, but before he can respond, she drags him towards her to have him confess his feelings (which he doesn’t have). As he tries to talk Marie down, her emotions for him take the better of her and she runs off.


The next morning, Addy (a young girl – ˝ of the Stupid Couple) wakes up Weda in tears. She is upset because her boyfriend Chet (young man – other ˝) made coffee and put in 2 spoons of sugar instead of 1. She claims that he doesn’t know her at all and is thinking of leaving him. Weda has the perfect attitude – utter fury at being awoken over something so stupid and kicks Addy out of the house. Haré is too much of a gentleman and he goes over to comfort her, but Chet arrives and apologizes in an especially saccharine way. Weda comments to Haré and Guu that all relationships needs some friction, that’s how people get to know each other. So on the way to school, Guu decides to have an argument – as they arrive, she starts crying in front of Lazy-sensei and weaving an ominous tale of something that Haré did which is too bad to even say aloud. Needless to say, Haré is stunned and pulls her outside the school to talk – but she keeps repeating the things that Addy said, and Haré believes that the only way to get her to stop is to complete the argument. He does so, and unfortunately Marie heard the entire thing and she is completely heartbroken. So Haré’s furious and he wants Guu’s help in straightening out this entire situation. As he’s on his way out the door, Weda gives him a good bye kiss. Guu asks her about it, and she explains that it is a type of greeting. The pair arrives at school, and Guu immediately starts planting one on everyone she sees. Haré can’t process this anymore.


Well the first disc of Haré + Guu was pretty darn good, and the series only gets better once we have established the core group. Looking forward to tearing open the next volume already.


- Tazman

(May 28, 2006)


"Captain Hero kept taking dives and we were making more money than a hug salesman at Retard Town."


- Spanky (Drawn Together)


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