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Released in North America by

ADV Films


60 Minutes

English Dubbed Version Reviewed




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kimera reviewkimera reviewkimera review


Warning: This film contains very graphic content. FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY.

Sometimes there are things in life that we fork out our hard-earned cash to experience, like games, films, and amusement park rides. Unfortunately these experiences can be very disappointing to the point where we want a refund;

sometimes so much so that we donít care about getting our money back, we just want back the time we wasted on the experience. Kimera falls under that last bit for me. I donít care about getting my money back for this sorry excuse for anime; I just want the hour of my life that I wasted watching it back.




The story is so simplistic that it canít even be defined as a plot, more of a basic premise, and idea that never got fleshed out but really needed to be. Kimera revolves around vampires from outer space that have crash-landed on Earth and are now running amuck. One of these vampires is Kimera, who is the only female of the three and must now bare children in order to maintain her species. She has been captured by the military and kept on ice, but Othello, a door-to-door cereal 


salesman, manages to fall in love with her and eventually free her (thanks to his partner, whose father just happens to be a prominent scientist at the military installation that is holding Kimera). Eventually the other two vampires that came with her show themselves. One wants to get Kimera breeding as quickly as possible so that her offspring can start devouring the people of the Earth. He wants revenge for humans having persecuted his kind in the past. The other vampire, Kimeraís brother, wants to kill Kimera so to prevent anymore slaughter. All of this becomes clear quite quickly in the show with nothing in the way of interesting plot twists. The whole show is one excuse for vampiric blood sucking after the other, all of which is very graphic and certainly not something that little kids should be watching. With some explicit sexual content thrown into the mix there is a ton of shock value, but it all just feels like a cheap attempt to gain an audience.

There is some passable action sequences in the game, most notably a final confrontation between the villainous vampire and Kimeraís brother. Still it is nothing special about the sequences as they pale in comparison to many other titles out there.

The characters themselves are very one dimensional as there is Asamo, the reluctant hero, Kimera, the damsel in distress, the villain, and the mysterious man who is there to help. With a few stereotypical stooges thrown in itís just plain sad the character development in this film.

Animation and art quality is medium grade television fair, so donít expect anything revolutionary here. Music and sound are both very non-descript as they arenít so poor that they

get annoying, nor are they particularly good, just very middle of the road. However the one bright spot of the whole show comes in the English voice acting which is actually surprisingly good. It sounds like the actors really put some of their heart and soul into their performance, making the characters sound believable. The villainís voice is particularly good.

Overall Kimera is a very dull, predictable file. There just isnít enough substance to it, and gratuitous sex and violence just make it more irritating because it feels so much like an attempt to fill in the gaps in the anime. This is a video to avoid. Parents whose kids are starting to develop an interest in anime should avoid getting this film for young children as the violence and sexual content are just too much for little ones.

Reviewed by Mr. Nash


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