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Samurai Gun Volume 1: Cocked and Loaded (DVD)


It’s the beginning of the Industrial Revolution and feudal Japan is in turmoil. The ruling Shogun are wielding their abusive powers to instill fear and dominance over their oppressed subjects.


Beatings, imprisonment, rape, and even murder are the adopted tactics chosen to maintain their reign. The bloodshed must end.


A group of Samurai have banded together and with the development of new weapons and new technology, they have both the will and the hardware to stand up and fight.


Ichimatsu is one of these fighters. By day, he works incognito at a local tavern, in the evenings he frequents the brothels, and by the dark of night, he doles out some big-time, gun-barrel justice. He is here to help. HE IS SAMURAI GUN!


Yet another anime based around the Shogunate Era – and this one has guns! What more can an otaku ask for? Samurai? Check. Guns? Yep. Girls? Tons. Adult Situations? Dozens. I’m ready, let’s go.


samurai gun           samurai gun


Episode 01: Sekkou

We get to meet Ichimatsu – a sort of jack-of-all trades for a local tavern, but more than any specific job, he is the business face of the tavern. He takes requests and most importantly love letters and gifts for the beautiful Kurenai. But this is merely his cover, he is actually a Samurai Gun. Ichimatsu is a sort of reluctant action hero, he tires of the work but he continues for the chance at avenging the killing of his parents and sister. He is told by a villager, Daimon (the local school teacher), of his mission: he is to kill 3 brothers who have been killing people indiscriminately – they have been pretending to be from a palace and buying daughters from families, then hunting and killing them. Ichimatsu is none too pleased for a mission that involves killing and so he refuses, and instead goes to the brothel to visit his favorite girl. His time with the prostitute is not for sex, but companionship and when he’s with her he is comfortable in her presence. After a nightmare about the rape and killing of his sister, he is ready for the mission and heads out after his target. After a quick battle, Ichimatsu is able to dispatch the three without losing any more of the girls that they’ve been killing. On the side, we have the formation of the anti-Samurai Gun Special Forces which looks to stop the “vigilante” Samurai Guns.


Episode 02: Experimental Railroad

The Shogunate is starting experiments on the use of steam powered railroads, and this important experiment is being watched by not only the scientists involved, but some from the Special Forces. Also on board is an experimental torture device: an electric chair that is being used to interrogate a prisoner. Daimon arrives at the bar, and ask Ichimatsu to come along with him this evening – they head out to a communication lodge where they will be briefed on the next mission. Except, waiting 



for them inside is Kurenai as well as their commanding officer. At the facility, the ranking member of the Samurai Guns is waiting and tells him about the steam train experiment and tells him that his mission is to investigate the train with Kurenai, who will be tagging along for this mission. Back at the village, Ichimatsu spends his evening back at the brothel while Daimon visits Kurenai and asks if there is more to this mission than was being told at the briefing.



As the mission proceeds, the woman being tortured on board the train is not the most important prisoner. She is merely the contact for the man who they bring in next – he’s been working in the palace for 12 years and is actually Kurenai’s uncle. Although he does not admit it to the captors, he is actually a spy for the Samurai Guns council, and the true mission is to prevent any leaks: ideally save him, if not possible, kill him (which is why the mission details were being kept from Ichimatsu). The three manage to board the train and fight their way towards the interrogation room – but along the way, they get their first battle with one of the Special Forces who also use repeating weaponry. Just as Kurenai manages to get to the front of the train, the interrogator cuts loose the train and is getting away with the prisoner. Despite her familiarity with the target, Kurenai kills her uncle then fires into the steam engine causing it to explode (killing the interrogator).


Episode 03: The Sleeping Flower

A series of murders have been perpetrated on local prostitutes using a high-powered gun. Because of the M.O., it looks as though a Samurai Gun were behind the murders but the council believes that this may be a trap by the Special Forces to draw a Samurai Gun into a battle. Ichimatsu spends more time with Ohana (now I know the name of the prostitute), and learns that one of the girls killed was from the same brothel. After getting some information from Ohana, he sends one of the girls from the council, Akane, to investigate one of the regulars. When they near a house, she is suddenly attacked by a man wielding a shotgun with explosive shells, and thanks to her mobility, she is able to avoid the attack. Akane then heads back to the tavern to report her findings, but Ichimatsu is not there and instead she has to leave the message with Kurenai.


The regular returns to the bar, and spends the evening with Ohana. While he’s with her, he is asking questions about Ichimatsu which she’s trying to avoid, but he drugs her and her reasoning is a little impaired. Just as it looks as though he will torture her, Ichimatsu and Daimon show up and shoot the man. Ichimatsu takes Ohana to Akane until she can recover, but when he goes back to check on the victim the killer appears. He knocks Akane unconscious and takes Ohana away. The regular is dead and so they will get no information from him, but when they discover what happened to Akane they prepare to get Ohana back. In the fracas, a lantern was knocked over and the brothel catches on fire.


The next day at the meeting place, the killer is prepared to fight but with the help of Akane they are able to seriously wound the killer and they let him escape. The killer heads right to the Special Forces where the leader Watou kills him. Using a sleeping incense, they knock out all of the members except the leader Watou and he begins to fight against Ichimatsu; but the fight doesn’t go particularly well and Daimon jumps in to help out. Now outnumbered, Watou decides to escape. Back in town, with the brothel burned down Ohana no longer has any debts to the brothel and Kurenai offers her a job at the tavern (after Ichimatsu asks her to look after Ohana).


Episode 04: Inazuma

Ichimatsu is on another mission and this time he’s starting off in trouble. Already surrounded by enemy forces, he receives help from another member of the council: Inazuma, the swordsman. Although the pair could probably dispatch the entire group, Ichimatsu uses one of his gas pellets and the pair run away from the effects of the knockout gas. Apparently the pair are on a mission to infiltrate a political prison which has quite a few important men from the council. Along the way, Inazuma tells Ichimatsu that he was a member of an anti-Shogunate movement and his group was betrayed by the warden of the prison. The warden turned his group in and stole a shipment of weapons that they were receiving; he has since outfitted his patrolmen with those same weapons.


When the pair reach the prison and free the remaining prisoners, they are stunned to find out that only 2 remain alive. The rest have been tortured and then killed by the guards when they were assured of getting no useful knowledge. Inazuma then breaks off from Ichimatsu and heads off to kill the warden; finally meeting up with the man while he’s surrounded by his guards. Diving into battle, he kills every one of the guards while being repeatedly shot by the defenders. Leaving only the running away warden, Ichimatsu stops him from escaping and so Inazuma can deliver the fatal blow before succumbing to his wounds.


This first disc of Samurai Guns has definitely been a darker anime, and earns its’ TV-MA rating but doesn’t just have violence for the sake of it. A very entertaining show that I’m looking forward to seeing more of.


- Tazman

(September 17, 2005)


"We need some anesthetic."

"Well, obviously this is where I'll will make my contribution. I've got Percoset, Percodin, Vicodin, Greenies, Yellow Jackets, and red ones."

"What do the red ones do?"

"Let's find out."

- Jack, Warren, and Count Blah (Greg the Bunny)


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