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Samurai Gun Volume 2: High Caliber Entrapment (DVD)


Ichimatsu and the elite group of specially trained fighters, the Samurai Guns, forge ahead in the relentless struggle against the sinister forces of the Shogun.


But the Samurai Guns’ numbers are dwindling. Many have been lost in the fighting. And now, intelligence indicates that several are being held captive by a collection of minions of the Shogunate. The Samurai Guns have no choice but to infiltrate heavily fortified enemy installations and rescue their fallen comrades. They must race against time to insure the survival of their fellow brothers-in-arms. They must race against technology as the Shogunate continually gains ground in their development of advanced weaponry.


But it won’t be easy – the Shogunate knows they’re coming. And they have something waiting for the Samurai Gun!


samurai gun vol 2          samurai gun vol 2


Episode 05: Natural Enemies

The episode starts off with a Samurai Gun engaging a pair of women in an open field – as he draws his gun, he is suddenly surrounded by members of the anti-Samurai Gun unit and taken into custody. Like Ichimatsu, the man is also missing his right eye and wears a patch over it, but this one is more of an artist and is an accomplished piano player.


Back at the tavern, Ohana is getting accustomed to the bar and is working efficiently (and drawing a ton of attention from the male customers that is usually reserved for Kurenai). She is very happy to be near Ichimatsu and enjoys her new line of work much more. As always, Daimon arrives and mentions a new mission; the chief tells the trio that their mission is to rescue Sutekichi, the Samurai Gun that was recently captured. They are going to receive special equipment for this sortie, and they meat the new technology guru – the lovely Mitsu. She comes bearing new pistols for all 



three people and she will be joining the rescue mission. As Ichimatsu works with his new pistol. Mitsu speaks to him about the philosophy of fighting, she asks if he likes the killing. As he’s said before, he does not like to kill, but when his life is in danger he will do it; and it bothers him when he enjoys it or kills with a smile, so that is why he fights against it.


Sutekichi is being transported by boat, and the captain of this team is spending his time talking to the prisoner – he is 


going to try and get information from him by an unconventional way: female members of his team threaten to mutilate themselves until he talks. The honorable man agrees before they can even start and begins to answer questions about the organization – namely what their goals are (defeat the Shogunate). At this moment, the 4 man team reaches the boat and begins to wipe out the defenses and free the prisoner. In a battle that only takes a few moments, they manage to eliminate the entire defense except for a few that ran away and free their friend.


Episode 06: Blood and Song

A young boy, Archimedes, is a half-breed German and Japanese and is being sung a song from Schubert in his native tongue. He is told that his father was a magnificent doctor but was exiled for possessing information that he should not have had. Back to today, members of the anti-Samurai Gun unit are test firing another one of their weapons – a Gatling gun on one of their prisoners. The team leader is a sociopathic woman intent on the excessive killing of prisoner, while the lead technician is a full grown Archimedes. He is only working on the project while the group provides medicine for his mother – she is bed ridden and immobile but as long as the medicine that they can provide will keep her alive, he will continue working for them. Watou is meeting with the new leader of the anti-Samurai Gun unit, and he has placed the project under the control of the sociopath for a specific reason – to draw the Samurai Gun into an engagement and gain information on how they operate.


Ichimatsu is back at the base and is talking to both Daimon and the recently freed Sutekichi. He councils Ichi on his instincts about killing, surprisingly, he states that if he ever wants to kill all the time, he will have lost his humanity and should be happy that he has reservations about his missions. The chief dispatches Daimon and Ichimatsu to the research facility to free the prisoners being slaughtered by the forces there. As the two scale the outside of the castle, they are spotted by one of the members of the unit, instead of sounding a general alarm they instead evacuate all people of value and prepare for a battle. The leader has been left alone during a test fire when Ichi and Daimon arrive, she orders the gun to fire but no one is left in the area, so she runs to man the weapon. Ichimatsu is going to engage her, and uses his speed to keep ahead of the tracking gun until he closes the gap and is able to shoot the leader. As the pair escape the castle with one of the prisoners, they realize that the actual fight is coming up – Archimedes (now in really cool armor) has set up a defensive line on the outside and is going to stop them there.


Ichi leaves Daimon and the prisoner behind and rushes to fight the enemy, he cannot penetrate the armor of Archimedes and the fight is not looking well even when Daimon catches up and joins in. The fight comes to a strange ending though – Archimedes learns from one of his attendants that his mother has died; she refused to be kept alive as a pawn against her son and so she did not take her medication. The unit spy who was sent to watch the battle and report tries to silence the woman, but is killed by Daimon for his troubles. The giant warrior Archimedes stops fighting and cries over the loss of his mother.


Episode 07: Daimon at the Front Lines

A Daimon heavy episode for once; he’s being dispatched for a special mission. He will represent the council on a joint mission with the Setsuna Organization to take back some intercepted documents from the Shogunate. As he prepares for the mission, Daimon leaves Ichi in charge of his class of students for the time being and leaves him a packet with information about his mission (just in case). Ichi asks Daimon about why he became a Samurai Gun and we see a scene from his past – a member of an affluent family, he went against the family line for the sake of justice. Expected to commit seppuku to protect the family honor, he refused and left the family.


As the mission progresses, the group’s presence is detected and a general alarm is sounded. Daimon orders the rest of the team to evacuate while he draws the attention of the defenders – even cornered, Daimon is a dangerous foe, he kills numerous guards and continues to rampage against the guards’ superior numbers. Back in the village, Ichi learns that the Setsuna clan has pulled out of the operation and so he fears the worst for Daimon. Ichimatsu completes the class, then heads over to the base to get ready to go rescue Daimon; thankfully the chief made it an “official” mission so he will be armed and Kurenai will join him. Daimon is being tortured by the house lord to learn about the contents of the documents and Watou shows up to tell the lord that he will take possession of the documents. Seeing Daimon still alive, he realizes that the Samurai Guns will be mounting a rescue attempt – and as he says that, Ichi is already killing some of the guards at the front of the manor. While Ichi keeps the defenders occupied, Kurenai sneaks in, kills the lord and rescues Daimon. Watou is now battling against Ichi, and with his heightened reflexes and superior firepower, Ichi is on the run. Watou is forced to retreat once Kurenai and Daimon arrive.


Samurai Gun has been at its’ best when it doesn’t resort to the typical torture and killing routines. This is still a really good series of episodes – we have some interesting protagonists, decent stories, and cool fight sequences. These three episodes just flew by.


- Tazman

(October 22, 2005)


"He can be a bit of a boob... melon... pair of sopping wet breasts barely covered by a racing t-shirt."

- Peter (Family Guy)


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