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Samurai Gun Volume 04: The Bitter End


samurai-gun-4-1.jpg (15354 bytes)        samurai-gun-4-2.jpg (26148 bytes)


Box Description:


Ichimatsu’s past is as dark as his future. Not only has it come to light that a member of the Shogunate may have been responsible for his sister’s brutal rape and murder, but now it appears other disturbing relics of Ichi’s past are here to haunt him once more. Old friends and old enemies confront Ichimatsu and force him to question both his mental stability and his loyalty to the Samurai Gun. He will be tested against the rigors of his disturbing childhood training. He will struggle with his sister’s memory. He will be trapped into choosing between his ingrained instruction and his emerging ideals. Ohana will be in danger. A friend will betray him. The Shogunate will take advantage. And Ichi will be caught in the middle.


Aww. It looks as though we’re at the finish line for this entertaining series, only 2 episodes plus a bonus to go. Will Ichi get his revenge? Will Ohana get any more screen time? Or at least her chest? Let’s find out.


Episode 11: Blood and Amusement


Ichi is spending some time with Ohana; she is extremely happy to be cooking for him and she wants him to remain for a while, but he’s eventually got some work to do. He heads to speak with his contact for the Council and he explains the strange meeting he had during the last mission with the monk who knew far too much about the methods of the Samurai Guns. He absorbs the information and tells Ichi that he will look into the man, but as he’s about to leave, an urgent orders comes in from the Council – a rogue Samurai Gun has appeared. His name is Gouta, and he’s one of the original Samurai Guns like Ichimatsu – and Ichi remembers him as being a very dangerous and powerful man. The report claims that he killed the members of his team during a mission to free prisoners, and slaughtered not only the defenses but the people the were sent to free. Mitsu remembers him as well, he saved her from the Onigumo gang who had murdered her family and taken her as a prisoner. While he stormed the facility, he saw members of the gang beating on her, so he freed her and she followed him through the facility to freedom. The pair are having a hard time thinking of Gouta as a villain, especially with the way that he hated injustice and always protected the innocent.




Gouta appears at the restaurant, he shoots the owner and takes Ohana with him. The old man is waiting for Ichi and company as they head back to town – he tells him that the owner is dead and that Ohana has been taken prisoner. Gouta wants to meet Ichi and has left details on how to get there.


Episode 12: Substance


Gouta, a former Samurai Gun, has managed to kidnap Ohana and he’s waited until Ichi has 


caught up with him. While alone with Ohana, he gives his side of the story – his final mission as a Samurai Gun, he was suddenly attacked by his partners. The real goal of the mission was to eliminate him. He managed to defeat them and escape, and since then has been on a crusade to find out why he was outlawed. As Ichi appears, he forces him to remove his mask and finally reveal his identity to Ohana. Gouta releases Ohana and then asks Ichi for a favor – he wants to get to the Council and speak to them himself. Outside, the Council appears to making some rather big moves – they are transporting their “Heavy Samurai Gun” (a friggin’ tank) and are sending in armed forces in the area after Ichi, one of which catches up to Daimon and takes him into custody. The Council has sent in the forces to try and stop Gouta; he intends to go after the Council and he wants Ichi to learn what he learns. Well, any more and I will spoil the ending, so I’m going to stop here.


Unaired Episode: The Inerasable Past


The unaired episode was intended to be placed between episodes 8 and 9. Ichi’s visions are becoming stronger – even his unconscious mind, his sister implores him to get revenge for her, to kill Rekkai. That evening at the bar, Ohana tries to talk with Ichi, but as usual he isn’t particularly good at picking up her subtle hints. The cumulative damage has been done, she thinks that he’s more interested in Kurenai than her, especially considering her previous job. But Ichi sees his sister in Ohana, and her past couldn’t be further from the truth and he does his best to calm her mind. He’s back at work though, the council is sending him on a mission to protect some captured documents – they were intercepted with a code book, but instead of destroying them, the council has decided to swap the book for a fake which will misinform the enemy. But the facility holding the documents is none other than an Anti-Samurai Gun facility and the commander (Watou) is present.


After Ichimatsu is reminded by Daimon to keep his cool despite what he’s learned about Rekkai, he is going to draw attention to himself at the facility. He’s knocked out one of the guards and when a roving patrol comes by to investigate, he pulls a pistol on him. Ichi tells him to inform the masters that he’s here. Watou comes out rather quickly, sees that it is Ichi and starts verbally jousting with him but Ichi wants to know if Rekkai is inside. Hearing the name, Watou opens fire on Ichi and the battle is on – both are so agile that they are able to see the bullet paths and evade the gunfire, but the repeating weapon of Watou’s gives him a distinct advantage. He eventually pins Ichi behind cover and starts goading him.


With the huge distraction outside, Kurenai and Daimon easily slip into the facility and replace the codebook and make their way outside. Ichi is still behind a tree, but Watou’s words are starting to hit closer to the mark and he’s starting to lose his temper. He intends to remain fighting even after Daimon tells him that the mission is complete, he even gets shot but wants to remain until Daimon states that Rekkai isn’t even there, so he agrees to leave. Back in town, the old man is waiting to talk to Ichi, and he’s got some bad news, Ohana has been kidnapped. The perpetrator wants to know whether she saw a man in black the night when the brothel burned down. Before Ohana can talk, Ichi breaks into the room and uses some incense to try and take him out, but the man runs away and starts returning fire against him. Ichi loses his temper and kills the man, so they aren’t going to get any information from him. Watou has spoken to Lord Rekkai, and informs him that they’ve lost another Shogunate spy and wants to have permission to use the Steam Engine to decode the message. Rekkai is a little surprised at the audacity of the Commander (seeing how he left the chain of command) but agrees to look into it.


Well, after seeing the end of the series, I was disappointed with the final story arc, and so now I’ve got to wait until I can find the manga somehow… bloody great. I found that the episode left out was rather interesting, especially considering that it helped better define the relationship between Ohana and Ichi when the others episodes did little to further it at all. A shame that it was excluded. Anywho, not a bad disc, not an amazing one either.



(May 6, 2006)


That was before I knew Dad was a gun toting maniac.
War monger!
I'm the Mexican bigfoot?
See, you heard her. She admitted it! 
- Haley and Stan (American Dad)

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