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Scrapped Princess Vol. 4: Spells and Circumstances (DVD)


Pacifica and her siblings are determined to return to the Capital of Leinwan to prevent the loss of any more lives. Senes, however, disagrees. But the real problem is Natalie. She disables the Skid so that they cannot move, and then attempts to reprogram Shannon so that he will keep Pacifica alive no matter the cost. But Pacifica doesn’t like that and she fights Natalie for Shannon’s free will.


After they return, however, the Generals of Leinwan fear that this massive craft is the beginning of an invasion, and they launch a major strategic-grade offensive spell against it. When the dust settles and the flood waters fade back into the sea, Pacifica has been separated from the others, and she’s lost her memory! Now, she’s living a relatively normal life with a man named Furet, but how long can she keep that up before she is recognized and captured?


Scrapped Princess has started to become extremely captivating to watch – if the stakes couldn’t be any higher than the potential loss of a civilization, the searchers have employed a dangerous tactic, they intend to kill a large number of innocents if Pacifica doesn’t turn herself in. Pacifica and her siblings are honorable enough to want to prevent the deaths, but no one else thinks that this is a good idea – especially the Dragoons.


scrapped princess volume 4          scrapped princess volume 4


Episode 13: Distant Recordanza

The decision to head back to save the innocents has been agreed upon by the three siblings, but not everyone is so keen on entering such an obvious trap. Senes has offered to deliver them to Leinwan with the skid. She also finally reveals the pieces of information that has been only eluded to, and explains the history of mankind. Humanity fought with the “Church of Mauser” (actually an alien race that attacked) but lost. Weapons like the Dragoons and the Skid are artifacts of the technology that existed. The Peacemakers exist to keep humanity at it’s current development level – the equivalent of the Middle Ages. Senes goes on to explain that Pacifica and her guardians are the result of genetic seeding – the genes for their abilities were laid dormant in the human genome to be expressed when the time was right.


Leo is traveling with Winia to Leinwan – she wants to see Chris, he uses it as a good excuse to be a Knight in training. The Royal Council has finally received the news of the Scrapped Princess’ moving around – especially with the battle with Cz. The intelligence points to the fights with the Peacemakers as being her fault, so a strong response is being prepared against the Skid which approaches their boarders. Prince Forsyth approaches Chris who has been doing research into Pacifica. The Prince guesses correctly that Chris is not who he seems and commands him to explain his true purpose. He goes on to ask to be included in any dealings with the Scrapped Princess and wants to know anything that he turns up.




Natalie decides to make a move – she powers down the Skid and doesn’t want Pacifica and company to enter such an obvious trap. She believes their best chance will happen after her powers manifest. Senes will have none of this however, she thinks that she knows what they did to stop it and is going to head to the engineering level to fix the problem and she takes the siblings along for the trip. As they head into the bowels of the ship, the group becomes separated with Pacifica and Shannon both being separated from Senes and Raquel. Shannon is approached by Natalie, while Pacifica meets Zefiris.



Episode 14: Lost Quintet

Natalie appears to Shannon as herself to once again point out the situation to him, but he will not listen to reason. He knows that Pacifica won’t be able to deal with the deaths in her name and so he will follow along to protect her; so Natalie tries a different tactic, she appears as his mother. Another spirit appears in front of Raquel – her father, but she isn’t fooled and blows the spirit away with a spell. Zefiris explains more history to Pacifica, when humanity was fighting the H.I. (the alien invaders) the Dragoons were one of the mainline weapons, but were having some control issues. Apparently there was a fault with their A.I.s and as such were a dangerous threat in the field. For the remaining ones, their powers were severely restricted and they were piloted by a D-Knight. When the next generation weapons were issued, the enemy was able to contaminate them and turn them against humanity – these weapons are the Peacemakers. Zefiris explains to Pacifica that she is solely a weapon and needs a master to decide how to use her, she doesn’t believe that Shannon will be an appropriate master and instead wants her for that role. Pacifica asks why, and Zefiris explains that’s because he’s being brainwashed by Natalie to make him more of a cold protector.


As Pacifica gets to Shannon, his personality has changed dramatically and she yells at Natalie to change him back. Natalie explains that she’s activated the Skid’s self destruct mechanism – this should provide enough time for them to escape and strand them far enough from the capital so that they cannot get there before her powers manifest. Zefiris helps Pacifica to enter Shannon’s mind to break the brainwashing – all this time he still sees her as a little 5 year old girl who would go to him to protect her. She gives him a good wack over the head for that. Now returned to reality, Zefiris deactivates the self-destruct mechanism and the Skid continues on its’ journey.


Episode 15: Opera of Powers and Plots

The Skid nears the boarder, but the coast is suspiciously quiet. The Leinwan capital is in meetings to determine the response to having this powerful ship approach its’ boarders. The General suggests that the only way to defeat such a powerful foe is to use a banned offensive spell. Despite the spell being banned by treaty, the General explains that this is an invasion of their home and as such the use of the spell is allowed. After the spell, he wants to lead a counter-attack into the heart of Giat and take their capital. The leader of the Special Forces suggests that they not do so, she points out that the Skid fought with the Giat 2nd Fleet before heading this way. The General responds that the ship has the Scrapped Princess on board and that they must respond. With that declaration, the King orders them to do what is necessary to stop her. Chris learns of the plan and secretly tells the Prince what is happening, he tries to talk down the King from the plan to no effect. Chris returns home, and waiting for him are Leo and Winia but he’s in no mood for this now, especially with the tense situation in the capital and so he merely walks right by them.


Above the Skid, three Peacemakers have gathered. They are using their powers to hold the Skid in place and remove its’ shields – making it an incredibly easy target for the offensive spell. Shannon has no choice, he’s going to fight them with Zefiris to try and allow the ship to defend itself. Cz draws towards Shannon, and the reduction in power allows the Skid to start to raise shields. Shannon cannot return fire against Cz, he still sees her as Cin and the fight becomes him evading fire. He takes too long though, the spell starts to encircle the Skid and Raquel uses her own magic to protect the crew. The ship takes a direct hit and falls apart. On the port city, the tsunami from the spell hit caused extensive damage and Pacifica has washed ashore. She doesn’t remember who she is and has quickly latched on to a young man named Furet.


Episode 16: Duet at the Riverbank

All three of the Cassuls have been separated. Pacifica is now living with Furet, while her siblings are looking frantically for each other. Raquel heads into a local tavern for a quick bite to eat and she stumbles across a friend – Burkens, the Church Investigator. He explains that the Royal Forces have changed tactics – they intend to capture Pacifica instead of killing her. He offers to tag along with Raquel to help find her. Shannon is looking frantically with Zefiris, but he is doing nothing more than wearing himself out. He’s picked up an unfortunate follower – Cz. She believes that he will find his sister and she’s tailing him so that she can get to her, except she insists on following two steps behind him.


Pacifica and Furet are constantly on the move, and they walk by the front of Chris’ home while both Winia and Leo wait for him. The pair quickly jump to follow her, Leo seems to be troubled by seeing her. Furet goes and buys her a new dress, then she heads off to work… her boss – Keydarf the musician! He’s working at a playhouse, and he had Pacifica hired as a costumed actor, not too bad of a disguise at all. He gets both Leo and Winia jobs at the playhouse, so they can keep an eye on her. Leo is being torn inside seeing Pacifica, especially when he tails her to the Ramen booth and sees how close she is with Furet. Thankfully, Burkens and Raquel suddenly walk in and see her. They go with a cover story – Raquel is the sister, Burkens is the father, and Leo as her betrothed (or so he’d like). Pacifica doesn’t recognize any of them, and she isn’t particularly inclined to leave Furet. Raquel doesn’t want to make her unhappy, so she asks if she can stay with him while they wait for Shannon to join them.


This volume of Scrapped Princess certainly was plot heavy but moved not too badly at all. I’m already thinking about putting in the next volume.


- Tazman

(May 28, 2006)


"It's great to be eating lunch with my family instead of a bunch of chronic masturbators." Those people are disgusting."

"Is it lonely up there on your pedestal Patrick?"

- Patrick and Chris (Family Guy)


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