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Scrapped Princess Volume 02: Meloncholy Wagon Tracks


scrapped-princess-v2-1.jpg (27284 bytes)          scrapped-princess-v2-2.jpg (35007 bytes)


Box Description:


A turn for the worse!


Pacifica, Shannon, and Raquel just can’t get a break. Because they have successfully evaded the forces of Mauser, there’s now a bounty on Pacifica’s head. And they meet a bounty hunter who aims to collect. But when his poison fails to kill Pacifica, Raquel and Leo must set out on a dangerous journey to try a find an antidote. This will lead to a revelation that will shake Leo’s beliefs to the very core.


But that’s not all. It seems that the humans aren’t moving fast enough to eliminate the Scrapped Princess, so the Peacemakers, powerful beings who claim it is their destiny to rule humanity, have become involved.


And when Shannon finds an abandoned young girl, they take her in, despite Pacifica’s rampant jealousy. Just as she is learning to accept this new member of their “family”, however, the Peacemakers arrive.


The first disc of Scrapped Princess hummed along quite well at a quick clip with some pretty good opening revelations about our characters and their motives. So let’s see if the second disc can keep up the pace.


Episode 05: Lullaby of the Troubadour

Two fronts of action going on – in the world of royalty, Christopher has returned to the home base and despite his failure, he will not be punished but is instead sent to investigate the details of the Scrapped Princess’ escape 15 years ago. He ends up meeting with Prince Forsythe (Pacifica’s brother) who is intrigued in the possibility that his sister may still be alive.


For Pacifica and company, the groups comes across a troubadour and when he approaches to ply his trade, Shannon scares him off and the group continues forward. When stopping for lunch, the troubadour has followed the group and when Shannon tries to scare him off a second time the mysterious man attacks with a swarm of insects that he controls through his music. Shannon is able to defend himself, but while he was distracted, Pacifica was stung and collapses with a high fever. With no options of curing her against the insect sting – Leo and Raquel take a sample of the bug and head to the home of Sir Barret to get his medical 



expertise. Upon meeting him, he tells the pair that they will need  a medicinal herb that grows only in a cave where the insects live. The group enters the cave and come across the troubadour who explains that he is interested in the bounty of 5 million on the life of Pacifica, and will stop anyone who tries to save her. After a decisive battle, Raquel easily gets the herbs and heads back to her sister, but Leo struggles with the revelation that he’s been traveling with the Scrapped Princess all this time.


Episode 06: The Pied Piper Song of the Knights


Sir Barret is able to administer the herbs to Pacifica and she slowly begins to regain her strength… but the discovery for Leo has been traumatic, he does not know what to do because his chivalry requires him to both act and not act, so he is tormented. For Sir Barret, the revelation that the girl who caused him to leave the knighthood after her apparent death both upsets him and makes him happy. His is upset to see a living example of his failure to be a true knight (in protecting the innocent) but happy to see that she is not dead. Once Pacifica has regained enough strength to be able to travel once again, the group prepares to leave but Leo will not come along, and Pacifica explains that they were not trying to deceive him per se, but trying to protect themselves.


Heading out, the trio is confronted by the Peacemaker who lead the previous attack on them. He hypnotizes Raquel and Shannon and then withdraws with the siblings, leaving Pacifica alone. She is forced to head back to Leo who continues to struggle with the revelation about Pacifica. The troubadour appears once more, and Pacifica offers him a deal: she will give him a hand so that he can claim the bounty but in exchange, he must use his insects to find her siblings. To perform the task, she asks Leo – but he finally comes to the same conclusion as Barret and refuses to harm anyone. Seeing the resolve of the 2, the troubadour offers to help for free and is able to find the pair quickly.


In the lair of the Peacemaker, he is trying to bend the wills of Raquel and Shannon, until Zefiris arrives and taunts the Peacemaker. She eventually offers to help Shannon and will become a weapon of extraordinary power for him. Once freed, the Peacemaker transforms into a giant monster, but Shannon and Zefiris fuse and quickly dispatch the Peacemaker in a show of power. While everyone is surprised at the new power that Shannon has acquired, Leo admits that he is still unsure of what to do and has decided to return home until he knows what to do. He states that while he is leaving as a friend now, when he returns, he may become an enemy.


Episode 07: Waltz of the Abandoned Dog of a Girl

The continuing luck of the traveling group continues, and the cart breaks down. So unable to continue, the group finds temporary shelter and Shannon heads into town for some food and supplies. After finishing his shopping in the rain, he sees a little girl standing in town and he goes and gives her his umbrella. The young girl starts to follow Shannon and tells him that her name is Cin. Not wanting to abandon her, he takes the young urchin back to their temporary shelter. Cin quickly engratiates herself with Shannon and Raquel, but Pacifica seems upset with the additional attention being poured on the young girl.


Christopher continues to search amongst the royalty and powerful into more information about the recent search for the Scrapped Princess. He is sent to talk with one of the Cardinals in the Church of Mauser, and comes across some interesting information: that the scriptures that most of the church uses are translated from an earlier language and the work may not be exact, which leaves some doubt in Christopher’s mind. Also, he is able to pressure the Cardinal into admitting that the incident in Taurus, was not an “Act of God” but instead a concerted effort by one of the Church’s teams. Once Chris leaves, the Cardinal is visited by another of the Peacemakers, Lady Steyr, who explains that Shannon was in fact successful in destroying one of the Peacemakers recently. The Cardinal begins to question why an envoy of God can be defeated, and what does that make God?


Back to Pacifica, she is visited by Zefiris, who tells her that she needs Pacifica’s help. She gives her a knife and tells her to kill Cin.


scrapped-princess-v2-3.jpg (36859 bytes)         scrapped-princess-v2-4.jpg (30805 bytes)


Episode 08: Nocturne of Bonds and Prayers

Pacifica is shocked by the request of Zefiris, but when Zefiris mentions that if Cin remains with them her siblings will die, she becomes justifiably upset. Once Cin enters the room, Zefiris cannot remain and fades away near the young girl. Shannon then checks up on them only to see Pacifica carrying a knife near Cin. Cin then runs back towards Shannon, but Pacifica intercepts her and pushes her to keep her away from Shannon. Seeing this, Shannon becomes upset and slaps Pacifica for hurting Cin.


Shannon decides that they can no longer afford to keep the cart, and heads into town to sell it and one of the horses. While picking up supplies, he spots a pair of earrings and decides to buy them to apologize to Pacifica. Cin sees a flower in town and when she runs to pick it, she heads into the path of a cart coming into town. While saving Cin, Shannon is severely hurt and limps back into the shelter. The incident upsets Cin and she ends up running away from the shelter when no one notices. Once Cin gets far enough away, Zefiris can finally appear to Shannon and she explains that Cin is actually an Artillery Peacemaker named Cz. Pacifica has now found Cin and gives her one of the earrings, but is also met by Steyr who then transforms Cin into Cz and explains that she was lost when the Peacemaker was killed by Shannon and Zefiris. As Zefiris fuses with Shannon, Cz and Steyr leave to avoid a battle.


Now leaving the shelter, Shannon, Raquel, and Pacifica continue their traveling with packs and their remaining horse. Along the way, Shannon reveals that Zefiris believes that no part of Cin remains in Cz.


This disc of Scrapped Princess has been interesting despite the general lack of action in the last two episodes. Excellent anime that is definitely worth picking up.



(July 4, 2005)


Hey, you'll get your own girl one day *cough* fat chance *cough*, excuse me.

- Master Shake (Aqua Teen Hunger Force)


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