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Yukikaze Volume 02: Fog of War (DVD)


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Box Description:


The war on the planet Fairy rages on. Banshee-4, a flying aircraft carrier, has gone berserk and shot down several friendly planes. Being vital to the Fairy Air Force’s air defenses, the FAF can’t afford to lose it and sends a team to investigate. Rei Fukai accompanies Tomahawk John, a systems engineer, aboard Banshee-4 and discovers a gruesome revelation about the JAM.


On the eve of a major offensive against the JAM, Rei and Jack are sent through the Passageway to Earth in order to test a new experimental engine for Yukikaze. JAM fighters follow them back to Earth and attack the Japanese Naval Fleet stationed at Antarctica as part of the UN Task Force. The advanced fighters of the Japanese Navy are unable to repel the JAM attack and it’s up to Yukikaze to save the fleet.


Meanwhile, an internal investigation at Headquarters is exploring the possibility that not only are the JAM cloning FAF Fighters but also FAF Personnel and have infiltrated the FAF itself. As the fine line between friend and foe blurs, Rei must deal with aliens that look human and allies that treat him like an alien.


Geez, a year is certainly a long time to wait between volumes of a series, especially one with this much action (body developing withdrawal symptoms…). Anywho, two more episodes! LET’S GO!


Episode 03


One of the Banshee carriers has suddenly gone quiet and attacked a returning squadron of FAF fighters. The loss of pilots and equipment is not good, but the loss of one of their most important bases of operations is immensely worse. Command has ordered an immediate investigation and they intend to send Lt. Fukai with an engineer to investigate and try and correct any problems on board. The engineer is 



a man of Native American descent – Tom, nicknamed affectionately Tomahawk. Rei’s psychologist isn’t particularly happy to see that their time together is being interrupted, but she’s going to be in the communications room analyzing the responses of not just the two men but the Yukikaze as well.


The sortie starts off better than expected, they are able to land on the carrier without any trouble whatsoever. The pair then start heading 


towards the control center to investigate on the crew and the computer systems – they make it to the bridge without coming across any other people at all. So as Tom heads to check on the computers and run a diagnostic, Rei is going to walk the carrier and see if he can find anything out of sorts. As Lt. Fukai walks around he suddenly comes across a disturbing discovery – all of the crew have been digested by the JAM and are being reformed into human spies. The remains of the people are now a giant liquid mass that reaches for Rei.


The carrier then suddenly makes a corrective turn and is now heading towards the Fairy Base – and the automated defenses are arming to stop the carrier. Captain John orders frantically for Rei to get off the Banshee – but the communications are being interfered with by the weather. John finally comes up with an insight and begins asking the computer who likely spies amongst the staff would be for the JAM. The computer comes up with 2 names – Rei and Tom. As the Banshee clears the storm, John is able to tell his men to evacuate but the Banshee is getting thrown around and moving is becoming very difficult. Rei and Tom successfully make it back to Yukikaze, and once Tom overrides the deck controls so the plane can take off – he suddenly stops and won’t head back to the ship. Rei calls for Tom to come with him, but Tom will not move and Yukikaze suddenly straps in Rei and takes off on its’ own.


Episode 04


Command is certainly not happy with the potential to which the FAF may be corrupted by the JAM even amongst the staff, so a new aggressive attack strategy is being implemented to change the dynamic of the war. For the meantime, John is going to be heading out with Rei in Yukikaze to test a new engine for the fighter. They intend to fly back to Earth through the gateway, and test it’s abilities in the Antarctic airspace. The Japanese Navy is the current defensive fleet around the passageway and they have brought a media junket for this deployment. The admiral takes a series of questions about their duties in this sortie, but it is apparent that most people have mentally distanced themselves from the conflict on Fairy. Once the media have left, only one member remains on board the flagship – the female author that we’ve seen glimpses of through the series.


As Rei and John make for the passageway, they see 3 JAM fighters ahead of them crossing already, but they cannot engage them inside the portal. Back on Earth, the three fighters are causing serious damage and are devastating the unprepared Naval forces – they are even making a strafing run against the capital ships. Once Yukikaze enters the airspace, they are immediately met by escorts who don’t want them involved, but John orders Rei to attack the JAM. The enemy fighters quickly wipe out one of the destroyers by a kamikaze dive, Yukikaze takes out a second, and the third is making a run on the carrier. Rei throttles to full speed and chases the remaining enemy, and thankfully takes it out only a few yards before it hit the flattop. Unfortunately, all the maneuvering has used up their fuel reserve and they are going to have to land – so the carrier agrees to let them land for the time being. The pair are stuck on the deck of the carrier until an agreement can be made between the UN and the FAF regarding this refueling (even in the future, bureaucracy still sucks).


While the crew are keeping their distance from their saviors, the author comes up to speak – John immediately gets along with her, and once John is called to speak with the CO, Rei even chats with her a bit. The distance that most people have made with the battle on Fairy is evident, as most people don’t even see them as being human anymore. They eventually get topped up and head back to the passageway (only after Rei does the most spectacular takeoff EVER!). En route, they apparently have company on the way back through – it’s the original Yukikaze, piloted by another Rei.


WOW! That was a pair of really good episodes. Now just have to wait until the next disc (which I hope will be faster than 2007). Definitely an awesome show.



(May 5, 2006)


It's ok Joe, nobody's judging you. I'll just put this back in your purse, next to your tampons.

- Brian (Family Guy)


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