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Yumeria Volume 2: Tossing and Turning (DVD)


Take a half-dozen scantily clad gals, a sixteen-year-old with newfound supernatural powers, and an army of unstoppable enemies… what do you have?


Oh, just another day in the life of Tomokazu Mikuri, the bumbling hero of Yumeria!


It could have been a dream come true for this girl-crazy loser, but the more time he spends trying to save the world, the more it becomes a nightmare. It doesn’t help that his curvaceous crew of housemates and heroines have taken an interest in super-skimpy swimsuits! But if Tomokazu doesn’t rein in his hormones, the evil enemies will defeat mankind without a fight. On the other hand, if this disc weren’t packed with skirt-chasing, peek-taking, half-naked, bouncing, blushing mishaps, it just wouldn’t be the oh-so-revealing second volume of Yumeria!


Tomokazu certainly doesn’t come off as anyone’s idea of a strong personality nor a great guy, but despite his perverted personality, he manages to attract quite a few very pretty girls who seem rather attached to him. I can’t explain my love of harem shows… especially when they include excessive violence towards the protagonist, but I do love them.


yumeria vol2          yumeria vol 2


Episode 05: Girl-Watching At The Dream Beach

With the beautiful beach that the group saw during their last trip to Moera, everyone has visiting the beach on their minds especially the girls who are all decked out in their best swimsuits. After kicking Tomokazu repeatedly for seeing them, the girls all head to sleep but before Tomo can join them, Mizuki’s sister is on the phone. He spends a good portion of the afternoon with all the girls, but when Mizuki goes off to swim on her own, he follows her. While alone together, he reveals that her sister told him about her moving away soon. As they get talking about it, Mizuki states that she’s afraid that she won’t be able to come to the dream world anymore because of the distance – Tomo can’t do anything to alleviate that fear, but he does ask her out on a date for tomorrow.


As Tomo prepares for the date, he’s ambushed by Mone-chan and Neneko who knock him unconscious with a giant mallet, and then meet him in Moera. He’s angry at the pair, but they want more of his attention. Miyuki now appears and hears most of the conversation. She’s able to calm down Tomo, but suddenly a giant Faydoom appears out of the water and it’s holding Kuyou. Tomo transforms everyone, but this time Miyuki asks him to power her up– he agrees and she manages to defeat the 



giant. Afterwards, the transfer of feelings to her through the charging allowed her to realize just how much he cares for her and so she decides to stay and move into the house with everyone else.


Episode 06: The Yukata Master

This episode gives us a bit of back-story into how close Tomokazu is with Nanase, who has been acting as a surrogate mother sometimes and an oversexed cougar the next. As a middle-schooler, she cared for the 


five-year-old Tomo and showed him love on numerous occasions, now that they are both older, the types of affection are becoming more confusing for Tomo especially when a drunk Nanase decides to hug him to her chest. The next day, it is time for the summer festival and so Nanase has prepared yukatas for all of the girls. At the festival, Tomo is quite diligent at spending time with all of the girls but as the fireworks are about to start, he cannot find Nanase. With a search, he finds her and learns that she hurt her foot when she tripped in the crowd – he thinks nothing of picking her up and carrying her towards everyone else as it nears time for the fireworks. A very cute episode that shows just how much Nanase cares for Tomo, and how he not only appreciates it but loves her back.


Episode 07: The Reverse Reincarnating Woman

In order to complete his grade for summer school, Tomo has been enlisted in making a student movie with his teacher of Mone-chan. All of the girls decide that they want to help out, although Tomo’s main task appears to be to try and keep the teacher’s hormones and lolita-complex in check. Neneko eventually shows up to see all the commotion, and Tomo decides to ask her about herself – like where she lives and information about her family. The youngster dodges all of the questions and eventually heads off – Tomo decides to tail her and Mone-chan wants to come along. The pair tail her for most of the day until she suddenly disappears on them at dusk; Mone and Tomo then split up to look for her and agree to meet at the school gates in an hour.


Mone-chan finds Neneko on the roof of the school, but she’s certainly not herself. At Tomo heads to the school, he notices some kind of action on the roof so he heads inside. He finds Mone unconscious and Neneko is standing looking away, he goes up to talk but her personality has completely changed. She identifies herself as Neito, and explains that she’s from the future (where the Faydoom have destroyed everything) and has been reincarnating herself into people backwards in time. She shows Tomo images from her mind to demonstrate what the world will look like. As Tomo asks why she’s showing him this, she explains that they are nearing a crossroads and that he alone has the ability to change the destiny of the world. Neito goes on to explain that like his bloodline, he can change the cause of cause and effect and therefore change fate. So not only is Tomo responsible for bringing all of his friends into the fight, if he wins the battle against the Faydoom he can save the Earth.


Meanwhile, all other girls are locked in a serious battle against the Faydoom but without Tomo, their attacks aren’t effective. With them losing horribly, Mone heads back to the real world to get Tomo back into the fight. Both him and Neneko head there, and now he fights with more focus than usual – by fighting aggressively in the front instead of supporting from the rear as he usually did.


Episode 08: Our Reason

An aurora has started to appear above the city at evening time, while everyone else is enthralled with its beauty Neito is upset with it appearing. As the town starts buzzing about the phenomenon (some think it may be a sign of aliens), Neito reveals to Tomo that it’s a sign that the Faydoom are nearing a breakout onto Earth. She goes on to reiterate that he may have to make some difficult sacrifices to win, but he doesn’t seem to contemplate that very much. Tomo spends some time with Mone, and he promises that one day he will help reunite her with her family or her home; that next day, Mone disappears. As everyone searches frantically for her, Tomo suddenly realizes that she is in Moera and he heads there with Kuyou and Mizuki. Mone is standing in the path of an army of Faydoom and is blocking the rift that they have been making. The team tries to counterattack the enemy forces, but the numbers are starting to overwhelm them and Mone can’t hold out forever. Suddenly Neito shows up and starts to explain to Kuyou that she knows that she is really a Priestess. Kuyou is surprised that someone else knows that and suddenly realizes that she’s not talking to Neneko. Neito tells Kuyou to not use her full powers, as she probably won’t survive them being used and that the team will need them later. Kuyou won’t listen, as she’s quite focused on saving Mone – and she forces Tomo to continually charge her. As her power increases, Kuyou starts firing much higher powered blasts at the enemies and is able to wipe out the enemy just as Mone collapses. Kuyou does the same. Despite the intense fighting and impressive attack from Kuyou, everyone is alright and manages to return home. With Tomo spending time with Neito, she starts to feel like less of an outsider and an accepted member of the extended family.


This second disc of Yumeria was definitely bi-polar – the first half was very flighty and topical while the second half was quite deep (well for this series) in comparison. It’s starting to show chops that I wouldn’t have given this series credit for.


- Tazman

(March 5, 2006)


"Sing, or they'll put you in a Tim Allen Christmas movie."

- Captive Girl (Family Guy)


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