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Yumeria Volume 3: End of a Dream (DVD)


Tomokazu Mikuri spends every day and every night with a handful of dream girls! But with this much close company, secrets are bound to come out. And beneath their oh-so-skimpy superhero uniforms, Tomokazu’s dream team is hiding some serious secrets indeed. Has Tomokazu been played for a fool all along? Who are the shadowy men with a sudden interest in his nocturnal activities? And what’s up with that bunny costume? Every answer only uncovers more questions, and there’s no guarantee that Tomokazu and his friends will wake up from their battles in the dream world. Only one thing’s for sure – if you think you know what’s coming in the action-packed, earth-shattering conclusion to Yumeria, you’re dreaming!


Well it looks as though the coming battle is getting closer and closer for our valiant defenders. As the stakes can’t possibly get any higher, truths that may break up the team start to be revealed. Let’s go!


yumeria volume 3          yumeria volume 3


Episode 09: Bunny-Man

The opponents have been getting steadily better, and our heroes are having a more difficult fight with every battle – but through perseverance and teamwork, they have been able to defeat their enemies so far. The intensity of the team has pretty much started with Tomokazu’s new zest for getting things accomplished, and one of the more important things on his list is finding Mone’s true family. He wants to return her to her home, but Mone sees this as not being wanted around anymore and she has become upset at Tomokazu for saying as much. For Tomokazu, the thought of anyone having to grow up without parents like he did would be torture, especially for someone he loves like Mone. He apologizes to her for what he said and offers to do whatever she wants – which unfortunately leads to a mail-order purchasing frenzy. Once all the booty arrives, the horrible reality of paying for it all comes to ahead: Tomo needs a job to pay for it all.


Megumi comes through for the crew – she has a job as a live-action stage hostess for a children’s series and has hired Tomokazu, Mizuki, and Mone-chan for the show (girls on stage, Tomo in a bunny-suit working stage security). Now, one would think that security for a children’s show wouldn’t be particular difficult, but the costumes of the talent are a lolicon’s dream and every freak has come to the show (especially Tomo’s homeroom teacher). Tomo’s breaking his back in keeping the girls safe, but his less than calm approach to security gets him turfed rather quickly. Because he 



was so diligent in protecting the girls, Mizuki gets a little bit closer to him. At the end of the episode, we get a glimpse of a girl resembling Mone wearing Shinto-priestess garb asleep with a glow in her chest (foreshadowing anyone?)


Episode 10: The Taste of Katsudon

Tomokazu wakes up and is greeted by the harem, but Nanase is not there. She has a monthly errand to run in the morning and is absent; Kuyou seems 


to know more than she’s letting on. Anyways, Tomo decides that he’d rather go on an errand with Mone and Mizuki rather than do his summer projects, so he heads out to downtown with the pair for some fun. While they are getting together to go home, Mone isn’t near them, she’s talking to a strange man wearing black who’s offering to give her a ride in his car. Tomo is quick to protect Mone, but the man addresses him by name and tells him that they have Nanase. The girls don’t want Tomo to go alone, so they insist and join him in the car. The man takes them out of the city to a large estate, and he is brought before the master of the house. The elderly man greets him by name and refers to him as the Destiny Transformer. Tomo is surprised that the man knows who he is, but he demands to see Nanase – and is surprised to find both Nanase and Kuyou dressed up in the family’s garb. The shock continues as Neito makes an appearance, and explains that Nanase and Kuyou are watchers for his family, and that Nanase had been giving false reports to the head family about how far along his abilities have progressed.


The head family wants to keep them at the estate to provide support for the coming battle, however Tomo is less than thrilled with their tactics up to this point and has been separated from the rest of the girls. The envoy is with him and he explains about the previous Destiny Transformer, his mother, was unable to defeat the Faydoom but was able to force them back for the time being. The truth is difficult for everyone to absorb, most are having a hard time dealing with their feelings regarding the deception. Tomo falls asleep, but no one is there – eventually Silk arrives, and Tomo finally admits that he knows that it is Nanase. He’s decided, he’s going to bring everyone home. Kuyou has managed to sneak the key to his room, and she brings Mone and Mizuki with her. The girls want to sneak away, but Tomo wants to confront the house head. In the main chamber, he demands that the last person be returned – he calls for Naito. She cannot understand why he wants her, but he insists that he’s fighting for his family and half of her is Neneko. He declares to the family that he intends to fight without the family’s help, and the envoy is left with no option but to let him leave. The leader though reminds him that they still have a trump card remaining, and the camera pans to the sleeping body of Mone.


Episode 11: Destiny Transformation

Mone is busy as usual with Neneko in tow when the sky starts showing Aurora Borealis like it had previously. This sight has an effect on Mone who starts to fall ill and collapses. As Tomo gets back home, Mone is in bed with everyone worried; she grabs for his hand as he attends her. She gives it one squeeze then disappears. The group begins searching frantically both in the real world and the dream world but they can not find any sign of her anywhere. In the watcher’s home, Mone’s spirit returns to the sleeping body and it wakens. Tomo goes to each of the girls and spends a moment with them to talk before the coming battle. Heading to the dream world, the number of Faydoom present is much more than previous and the entire group is fighting aggressively against the swarm of opponents. Despite their battle savy, the fighting is progressing slowly and they are making little headway against the superior numbers. Suddenly a new being enters the fight and is decimating the Faydoom with a holy light. The light is emanating from Mone who is dressed in the Shinto-priestess costume, but when Tomokazu goes to approach her, she surrounds herself with an impenetratable black field. Nanase now knows who she is, Mone is the Priestess of Sleep and is kept perpetually asleep to maximize her powers for the coming battle.


Tomo calls to her, and he can faintly hear Mone’s voice.. as this happens, the Faydoom that she had obliterated start to reform. The head of the watchers can be heard, he’s ordering Kuyou to use her attack to hit Mone which will defeat the Faydoom but Tomo tells her not to. Kuyou instead decides to charge her attack and hit the remaining Faydoom. As she connects the attack, the world goes white.


Episode 12: Tomokazu, 100 points

Last episode. It’d be a shame to ruin the ending, so I’ll stop there.


Pretty darn good little series. Cute animation and character designs, and the teacher alone made me guffaw the most. I enjoyed the series.


- Tazman

(March 20, 2006)


"Ling-Ling accustomed to getting more trim than a bonsai tree."

- Ling-Ling (Drawn Together)


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