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Top 10: Best Cleavage Part IV

by Aaron Simmer


Cleavage: the depression between a woman's breasts especially when made visible by the wearing of a low-cut dress.


Fourth in a long list of "Top Ten" articles that actually brings the total number to 40, here's another of the fine list of the Best Cleavage gaming has to offer!  Check Part I, Part II, and Part III to see what you missed!




firiona vie


Firiona Vie (EverQuest)

Firiona Vie has been EverQuest's cover girl since its launch back in 1999. If ever cleavage was used to sell a game, this would be it. It's not hard to imagine a young boy walking into a game store and instantly being pulled toward the game box with an alluring blonde on the cover, looking right at him with those... eyes. Piercing, yet hinting at the possibility of something more. The boy can't get his money out fast enough.


blaze streets of rage


Blaze (Streets of Rage)

There's something "definite" about characters from the 16-bit era. The guys were all big and bulky, the women shapely, and everything else designed with wackiness so players could easily distinguish enemies. Streets of Rage fits that particular description perfectly. Blaze stands out in my mind because it was the first female character that made me wonder how she could fight so effectively wearing a whorish mini-skirt and tube top. How do her boobs not just pop out?


morrigan aensland


Morrigan Aenslan (Darkstalkers)

Having recently reviewed a Morrigan statue -- read it here! -- it's a wonder why she hasn't made this particular list before now. As a succubus, Morrigan is supposed to be sexy and alluring and for some reason in Videogame Land "sexy and alluring" is visually defined by massive breasts and a plunging neckline. Morrigan comes from a line of fighting games -- kicking, jumping, punching -- and not once does she suffer a nipple slip.


trish devil may cry


Trish (Devil May Cry)

A series mainstay since the release of Devil May Cry in 2001, Trish really knows how to make a leather top work. But what really cements her place on this list, is that when she assumes a false identity she has no problem featuring her mammaries. For me, it's one of those transparent disguises anyone should be able to see through. "Hey, I recognize those boobs!"


leather godesses of phobos 2


Leather Goddesses of Phobos II

Subtitled, "Gas Pump Girls Meet the Pulsating Inconvenience from Planet X!", Leather Goddesses of Phobos II caught my attention in 1992 with this very screenshot. It might have been CGW or PC Gamer, I don't remember, but this single screens told my 14-year old self to play this game. (Proving that the right amount of cleavage will produce sales.) Fortunately, I never did -- the game was panned by critics -- so I'm left with fond memories.


jeane suikoden


Jeane (Suikoden)

I will admit to having only watched people play the Suikoden games, being more of an observer of Japanese role-playing games than an active participant. In my observations, it's apparent that besides her appearance, her devotion to interesting ways to showcase her breasts is also ageless. She obviously prefers the "top button, bottom button" approach, likely because she just can't get the rest of the buttons done up since there's no material on Earth stretchy enough to contain her.


dasha federovich


Dasha Federovich (Red Alert 3)

Agent Tanya (as portrayed by Kari Wuhrer) made Part III of this particular Top Ten and since Red Alert seems to favor cleavage when it comes to female characters, it's no surprise that Dasha makes this list. Played by Ivana Milicevic, if Dasha were a real historical figure, Russia would have won the Cold War.


sheva alomar


Sheva Alomar (Resident Evil 5)

Yes, blowing away zombies is dirty work, which is the likely reason Sheva exposes a fair amount of her boobs. It's much easier to jump in the shower after a zombie fight than scrubbing blood stains out of cotton weave. Really, when the zombie apocalypse is upon us, fighting naked is probably the best approach. Sure, it's messy, but it makes clean-up a snap.


lita halford brutal legend


Lita Halford (Brutal Legend)

In a land ripped from a heavy metal album cover, Lita fits right in her leather top and straight bangs. It's one of a handful of cases where cleavage actually makes some kind of "logical" sense. Doing some quick research on the topic of "Heavy Metal Album Heroines" will show you that developer Double Fine did research of their own to create a character that stays true to the game logic. Props to Double Fine for not feeling the need to endow Lita with gratuitous boob physics.


zephie magna carta 2


Zephie (Magna Carta 2)Wikipedia tells us that artist Hyung-Tae Kim "is an artist in the manhwa style. His latest artworks use a deformation technique where Kim disregards anatomical accuracy to achieve a specific feel to the character."


Lets all join together on this: Really?  The specific feel of Zephie would then be what? Write your own punch line because I'm running out of space.


At least now, I have a word to describe the style of almost all crazy-chested female video game characters: manhwa.


Pronounced with a bit of a crazed cackle, "Manwhahahahaha!"

(October 28, 2009)


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