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The Name Game II

The Real Life Origins of Game Character Names

By Mr. Nash, and Matt Enis


June 19, 2006


A few months ago, we ran a feature looking at videogame character names and their real life parallels, be they obvious inspiration, or an interesting coincidence.  It got such a positive response that we've decided to do it again, this time looking at four new game characters who share their names with a figure from German mythology, a Singaporean painter, a Russian warship, and a philistine god.


Some characters have some obvious similarities to the people with which they share their name, while in other cases it's little more than a strange coincidence.  In any case, what you'll find in the pages ahead should prove interesting, and maybe even a tad educational.


With that, we'll kick things of with a painter who helped create the Nanyang style.


Let's begin.