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Saints Row 2 will be released October 14, 2008 so we thought we should explore the inner workings of the game with adult film star Tera Patrick, one of the game's producers. Okay, so we didn't learn that much about the game, but we did find out about possible download content!


Thanks to Tera Patrick for her time and April Storm for arranging the Q&A!




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Tera Patrick (Saints Row 2) Q&A


tera patrick saints row 2           saints row 2 tera patrick

These pictures are taken from the Saints Row 2: Tera Patrick Developer Diary.


For those that might not know who you are and would likely be shocked if they put your name into Google, briefly tell us a little bit about yourself and describe your role in the development of Saints Row 2.
I am Tera Patrick, Lingerie designer, model, devoted Wife, stepmom, full time shopper, Dog lover, oh yeah and adult film star!

We hesitate to ask because all too often celebrities will get involved with a video game project and know nothing about video games. Come clean, are you a gamer?
My husband and step son are gaming maniacs. I definitely get some gaming in from my pink Nintendo ds light, to our PS3 and 360, I have been known to partake in everything from Mario to Sonic, Sims to Saints Row. I am not very good at most games, but I have fun, I used to love Donkey Kong and paperboy when I was a kid.

You’re not exactly a stranger to video games – you did some voice work for Backyard Wrestling 2: There Goes the Neighborhood – so will you be doing the same for Saints Row 2?
Saints Row 2 is creating my character as a part of a downloadable content



package. I can’s say more than that at this point, but all I can say is look out!

Are you comfortable with the level of violence that Saints Row 2 features?
I love things that are hardcore and extreme,… basically I find it kinda twisted that America is so OK with violence but so freaked out by sex… it is really very backwards

In a sandbox game such as Saints Row 2


there is plenty of opportunity to place advertising throughout the environment or even have full-length movies on TVs within the game. Do you think your production company could take advantage of something like that?
You never know what you might find in Stillwater!

World of WarCraft. What’s the first thing that leaps to mind?

My brother Matthew loves that game, I know that it is huge. Seems a little like the D & D crowd, but better than kids getting into mischief !

Your Wikipedia entry states you earned a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology. For the record, is this true? And if it is, do you watch TV medical dramas and point out the flaws in methodology?

I have a BS in Biology, not microbiology. I don’t watch those kind of shows.. I watch a lot of Roseanne, Nat Geo, and Family Guy!


saints row 2          saints row 2

What do you think your obsession with Hello Kitty reveals about your subconscious?
That subliminally I am half innocent little girl, half feline… prrrrrr pet me!

If video games and computer generated imagery achieve photorealism will that put actors and porn stars out of work?
You can never replace human sexuality. I do love computer generated sexy anime characters, etc. but I prefer reality!

How has Velcro made your life easier?

I hate Velcro! LOL!


(October 11, 2008)


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