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Thomas Mueller Interview – On Throne of Darkness

On a sunny Wednesday in June, we spoke with Thomas Mueller on the occasion of the pre-launch of their latest game to hit the market. The game designed for the PC is called Throne of Darkness, and it’s a Japanese-inspired multiplayer action game released by Sierra Entertainment. We met Thomas at the meet-and-greet area where members of the development team responsible for this project met with their fans and loyal players of the games.

Thomas was part of the animation team which designed and styled the animation for the entire games sequences. This took a lot more work than usual because they had to capture actors with motion sensors plugged into their suits which were then attached to a computer which recorded the actors’ movements. These captured scenes would then be used for the production of the actual fight scenes in the game with the help of animation stitching software.

During our conversation, we can’t help but notice the outgoing personality of Thomas, despite his being a very soft-spoken person. This made us ill at ease with him as the conversation turned to the future of animation and the technology we have today.

NA: Hi Thomas, Thank you for sharing your time with us. Tell us about the new game you’re promoting.

TM: Well, hello to you and to all of our fans out there. That’s right, the reason we are here today is because we are promoting our latest game release with the title, Throne of Darkness, which is set in the imperial time Japan, when Samurais and ninjas abound the island country. I won’t go into much detail about the game, but it’s a highly exciting game, fast action, fast paced story. When you start playing, you barely have time to pause. It’s a non-stop action thriller, I guarantee you. So for all action game fanatics out there, you won’t want to miss this. It’s available in your favorite stores today, or you could also purchase it online.

NA: Wow. Sounds pretty exciting. You seem excited just talking about it.

TM: Well, yeah, who wouldn’t be excited? Being a part of the team that put this together brings me absolute joy and I want to enjoy the limelight while we can. We are very proud of our finished product. We used state-of-the-art CGI technology. We wanted to give the impression that the fight scenes were as real as possible. With the help of technology, that is now made possible. Heck, anything now is possible. The sky is the limit for us, really.

NA: What’s different about Throne of Darkness compared to other games?

TM: Aside from those I’ve already mentioned, what’s different about this game is the unique settings we have put into the games. The animations were super smooth and seamless. In fact on the promo trailer for the game, at first glance, you might think you’re watching a movie and not a trailer for a video game. Another surprise we have included in the game are bonus chapters, which are like side games or quests where players can trade for items like weapons, potions and health restoration. Use your XP to trade for items, XP can also be bought at the online facility using the game menu.

NA: Is this your best game yet so far?

TM: Oh, absolutely. I’ve been animating for games for a good decade now. And I have to say this is my biggest achievement so far. I have never been more proud of a project I’ve made than on this one. If you haven’t done so, go get your copy right now. Peace!