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Kickstarter: Tex Murphy’s “Project Fedora”

The last time the gaming world saw Tex Murphy was in 1998’s “Overseer.” Now, almost 15 years after the fact, a new Tex Murphy game is in the works. While you can check the full details of the project over on the official Kickstarter page, the upshot of it is a new Tex Murphy game!

The Kickstarter goal is a seemingly moderate $450,000 and as of this writing it’s funded to the tune of $146,680 (by 1,310 backers with 30 days left in the drive).

Two other items of note, original developers Aaron Connors and Chris Jones (a.k.a. Tex Murphy) are “headlining” the project. And the goal is to not only produce an all-new Tex adventure, but also offer “[enhanced] experiences of the former games with stunning new graphics, a sleek new interface, and other updates.”

First Double Fine’s adventure game, then remastered Leisure Suit Larry, and now the (possible) return of Tex Murphy? 2012 is on-track to be a revival year for adventure games in North America.

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