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13 Days Left for “Kaiju Combat” Kickstarter

Kaiju Combat” is being described as the spiritual successor of the Godzilla fighting games from the ‘oughts — Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee amoung them — by those behind the project, is behind the eight ball at the moment. With 187 backers and only $23,967 of their $350,000 goal (really, $450,000 because it’ll take that much to secure the TOHO licence), Sunstone Games announced that with 13 days left for the Kickstarter campaign they have a “a tentative plan to launch a new, better, Kickstarter campaign in October [2012]” with plans in place as a stop-gap to ensure they’re able to get that far.

In light of some of the wild success stories that Kickstarter has spawned, it must be pretty sobering (and humbling) for the guys behind Kaiju Combat to essentially admit something approaching defeat. The fact the plans for a reboot of the campaign in the Fall are “tentative” makes me think they hold out hope for a surge in backers.

You can check the official Kickstarter campaign here.

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