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Liechtenstein Annexed; NATO Response Expected

In co-operation with Liechtenstein Marketing “which promotes Liechtenstein as a tourism destination and a place to do business,” Microsoft and Xbox 360 recreated environments from the Halo universe in advance of the release of Halo 4. Including the take-over of Gutenberg Castle, the event is likely the biggest, most elaborate, real life re-enactment of a fictional game universe.

The press release states:

“Super fans and worldwide media from 16 different countries were catapulted into this off-world environment to take part in a theatrical experience which saw them travel to a top secret location before being unexpectedly thrust into a war zone which recreated brutal battle grounds through pyrotechnic explosions, thunderous sound effects and cinematic set builds. “

The image that description conjures up in my head doesn’t correspond with any of the official pictures. In my imagination the media and “super fans” have shocked looks, some stumbling, some releasing the contents of their bowels; others clutching the person nearest them wordlessly shouting, “We’re gonna die!”

Red carpets and splashy releases have become a commonplace for these big releases but this seems to be over the top in term of expenditure. However, it might have been worth because I’ll bet it pushed people to crack open an atlas or head on over to Google Maps to figure out where Liechtenstein is located.

Knowledge is priceless.

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