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“Defiance” Attempts to Merge TV and Online Gaming

defiance game

It’s a neat idea on the face of it — intertwining a TV show and a video game — so it’ll be very interesting to see how Trion and Syfy pull it together with “Defiance” an MMO shooter and television show, set to debut April 15, 2013.

Set for launch on Xb0x 360, Plsaystation 3, and PC, Defiance seeks to leverage “the latest advances in technology and production capabilities, Trion and Syfy producers have worked tirelessly to build crossover “gateways” that foster ongoing interaction between the game and show. For instance, weather on the show will appear in the game in real time and players’ actions may well appear in the background of scenes on TV. In addition, features, tips and game play will be unveiled during the narrative of the show as the plot seamlessly unfolds on both platforms.”

More about Defiance from the official release: “Three years in the making, Defiance is an epic drama that unfolds as both an original series and a mass multi player video game.? In an unprecedented collaboration between Syfy and Trion Worlds, developers and producers have worked in lockstep to create an interconnected world where events and storylines in the game and television show weave together to create one seamless narrative.”

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