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Platform: GameBoy Advance
Genre: Platformer
Publisher: THQ / Nintendo
Developer: Rare
ETA: November 15, 2004
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Donkey Kong Country 2


donkey kong country 2 preview          donkey kong country 2 preview


Following in the tradition of SNES to GBA remakes, comes Donkey Kong Country 2. Just like the SNES version the main characters in this one are Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong. The last Donkey Kong Country, while a faithful port, was simply just a port. The only saving grace was that the original DKC graphics were groundbreaking for that time so it still is respectable today. Personally I hope Rare doesn't take the same route as DKC but transforms DKC2 and uses the GBA to it's best potential.  The GBA has proven before that it is more capable than the SNES and hopefully Rare fully realizes it. Here's the official line from Rare Ltd:


Return to Donkey Kong Country on the Game Boy Advance in the Kremling-crushin' sequel featuring the pony-tail whippin' Dixie Kong! The fiendish Kaptain K. Rool has kidnapped Donkey Kong, and it's up to Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong to rescue him!


The beloved side-scrollin' sequel to the original Donkey Kong Country blockbuster is now in the palm of your hands!  Play Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong and use unique abilities like the cartwheel roll and helicopter spin to go ape on the baddies.


Take to the sky in the Funky's Flights four-player minigame, or beat your friends in Expresso's Racing.


Game Storyline: The merciless Kaptain K. Rool™ has kidnapped Donkey Kong! Now Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong must rush to the rescue and save their favorite ape, but they won't have to go it alone -- in addition to their old friends, they'll be joined by all-new animal pals Rattly the rattlesnake, Squitter the spider, Clapper the seal and Glimmer the angler fish. To succeed, the two swinging simians will have to team up to fight across Kaptain K. Rool's gargantuan galleon and trounce the Kaptain’s roughest and rowdiest Kremlings!


donkey kong country 2 preview          donkey kong country 2 preview


How to win/advance to next level: Switch between controlling Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong, and use their unique talents to crush Kremlings and reach the goal. Run, roll, hop and swing across enemy-infested stages, or catch a ride on new and familiar animal pals!


Characters: Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, Kaptain K. Rool, Swanky Kong, Wrinkly Kong, Cranky Kong™, Funky Kong™, Klubba, Rambi™,  Enguarde™, Squawks, Rattly, Squitter, Clapper, Glimmer, Expresso™.


Special powers/weapons/moves/features: Attack enemies with a cartwheel or helicopter spin attack, throw objects, ride animal pals, swap characters to take advantage of each ape's talents or team up piggyback style and attack!  



This game proves something I have been waiting for. The reemergence of Donkey Kong. For a while he's been absent except in  games like Mario Kart, Mario Golf and Tennis but now he finally reclaims centre stage in a group of games. With Mario vs Donkey Kong just recently released and Donkey Kong Jungle Beat in the upcoming horizon, it looks like we could see another Golden Age of Donkey Kong. Here's to hoping for exactly that.


Donkey Kong Country 2 will go retail around November 15, 2004.


- Stefan Shetty

(August 15, 2004)