Platform: Gameboy Advance

Genre: Platformer

Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: HAL Laboratory

ETA: October 2004

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Kirby & The Amazing Mirror


kirby amazing mirror preview          kirby the amazing mirror preview


For someone who is technically one of Nintendo's greater mascots, the company tends to treat Kirby like a second stringer. While the recent GBA title was good, it wasn't NEW - it was just a port of the NES title Kirby's Adventure. Kirby 64 is five years old, and let's pretend Kirby's Air Ride imploded. But Nintendo is finally getting on the ball and creating a new 2D game for the GBA: Kirby & the Amazing Mirrior.


This time, Kirby has been split into four puffy entities of different colors. Not only can they be called up (via cell phone) to help solve puzzles and provide extra firepower, but you can hook your Gameboy Advances together for some multiplayer gulp n' blow action. And there's the usual slew of minigames, including one called "Crackity Hack", which by name alone, already makes this game worth a purchase. Otherwise, it's the usual Kirby stuff, with more abilities, more levels, more secrets, and lots and lots of pretty colors.



The Kirby games have always been fun, if a little bit on the simplistic side. If the multiple Kirby idea is used like it is in Zelda: Four Swords, then we could have a a significantly more in depth game on our hands. If not, Nintendo rarely fails when it comes to solid action titles, so Kirby and his mirror will undoubtedly provide enjoyment for everyone involved, starting this October.


kirby the amazing mirror preview          kirby the amazing mirror preview



Control four different Kirbys, also in multiplayer.


Three different multplayer minigames:  Crackity Hack, Speed eaters and Kirby's Wave Ride.


More special moves, including new ones from Smash Bros Melee.


- Kurt Kalata

(August 24, 2004)