Platform: Gameboy Advance

Genre: Action

Publisher: Rockstar

Developer: Mobius/Remedy

ETA: December 16, 2003


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Max Payne


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The whole bullet time eye candy ambiance of the Max Payne series has been wowing gamers for a few years, and if that wasn’t enough the franchise has had some pretty good gameplay to back it up.  Now the game is making its way to the GBA by way of Mobius and Remedy.


Sporting a three quarter overhead view players will travel through 12 levels as this Gameboy rendition tries to recreate the experiences of the original Max Payne in a pocket-sized smaller package.  Players will also have 10 weapons to choose from and the developers have managed to squeeze in about 30 minutes of dialogue as well.




- The signature fast and furious gameplay is now even more accessible.

- The classic graphic novel screens of the PC version of Max Payne return to drive this twisted story of deception and despair.

- Bullet time action – use slow motion techniques to bring down Max's many enemies.

- Fully voiced in-game narrative with over 30 minutes of spoken dialogue!

- 12 levels to fight through, filled with sinister inhabitants of New York City’s criminal underworld.

- Choose from over 10 weapons, from Dual Handguns to Grenade Launchers.

- Max Payne for the Game Boy Advance is rated M for Mature.  


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Often times when the GBA gets a title based on a popular PC or console franchise it turns out to be a half-assed piece of shovelware hardly worthy of the name it owns.  Hopefully this game will be the farthest thing from that trend.


- Mr. Nash

(December 9, 2003)