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Platform: PC

Developer: AMC Creations

Publisher: Octogon Entertainment


Genre: RTS


ETA: Q4 2002

No Name War

It may be one of the worst names in gaming history (okay, so itís probably not, come to think of it. Itís probably hovering somewhere mid-table in the league. But itís definitely one of the most forgettable), but No Name War could soon be delivering some fine battling to a PC near you.

AMC Creations have yet to release any significant information on the project, such as control schematics or any serious data on net play, but what they do say makes for intriguing reading.

But first to the plot and absolutely awful team names. The Earth has been left behind centuries ago by mankind, and is now a shell of its former self. Youíll be in command of a race of people called the Ktonians (now that is a bloody awful name), who crash on planet Earth when their military transporter takes a hit in a space battle. When you crash land all your equipment becomes scattered across the land, leaving you to search the planet for all the important bits youíre gonna need to get spaceborne again. Standing in your way, however, are a race of clones called the Khloona (another utterly ridiculous name), who are ruthless to the point of considering you as a cancerous cell (nice), and the Qaldars (okay, okay, everyone take a step back, donít let that last name put you off computer games, some people just arenít very good at coming up with names for peoples). These guys are technologically inferior to you and the clones but highly skilled in combat and exceptional traders, with a penchant for magic thrown in.

Yeah, itís one of those plots that leaves you cold and smacks of Ď3 minutes in a pub and Iíve got the whole thing mapped outí, But what the hell, Mario (a plumber and a princess!) had a dumb plot and heís ace! Now to the nitty gritty of PC spec. There are over 200 weapons available. You can damage more than one unit at a time with some weapons (very good to hear that as well). You will have more than 80 units at your disposal. The AI is said to act upon your style of play and will pick and chose itís own targets as it sees fit (hmm, see it to believe it time). There are specific animal species for each terrain, thereís also weather and time cycles. They say there will be high detail, with over 100 thousand polygons on screen at one time(!)

But the most intriguing thing from the press bumph available at this time is the fact that you can create individual leaders and set specific skills to them and watch how that individual does in battle. Plus if you manage to keep your battalion alive they will be better equipped for the next battle and more experienced.

So all in all No Name War looks like it could be a sleeper hit. Though that control system and the camera positioning will ultimately be more important than the fancy stuff they stick in there.

- Neil Aldis