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Platform: PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Midway
Developer: Stainless Steel Studios
ETA: October 2005


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Rise and Fall: Civilizations at War


Its no mean feat to make a strategy game that can both have historical content and be accessible to a large number of gamers.  Weve seen it with the Total War series, Rise of Nations, and Praetorians, and now Stainless Steel Studios is taking a stab at it with their new RTS effort for the PC, Rise and Fall: Civilizations at War.


rise-fall-civilizations-war-1.jpg (67371 bytes)   rise-fall-civilizations-war-2.jpg (51499 bytes)   rise-fall-civilizations-war-3.jpg (56951 bytes)


Taking place during antiquity, the game will allow players to take control of four of the major civilizations from the era: Egypt, Greece, Persia, and Rome.  For those who feel like doing something a little bit different, four additional, smaller groups from that time can also be used, comprising of the Carthaginians, Assyrians, Gauls, and Babylonians.


Rise and Fall will have a number of troop types and equipment accurate to the era, as players battle on land and sea.  The game will also have a variety of heroes that lead the different armies, ranging from Julius Caesar to Ramses to Alexander the Great.


Looking at the images available thus far, the game looks very similar to that of the Total War series from the Creative Assembly, in terms of the large-scale battles.  Judging by the quality of the images, Rise and Fall also looks like the sort of game that makes video cards cry.  With all of the detail in the game, hopefully the visuals will be fairly scalable so that those with somewhat older computers can still enjoy it.




Leading elephants, oar-powered warships, and mounted archers into battle can make for a very good time.  Hopefully, Rise and Fall can deliver when the game hits retail this October.


Mr. Nash

(April 4, 2005)


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Game Features:

- Choose from four of the ancient world's mightiest empires: Persia, Greece, Egypt, or

Rome plus four minor civilizations: Carthaginians, Babylonians, Gaul-Barbarians &


- Enlist over 80 unique units to your cause, including footmen, archers, cavalry, siege

and massive triremes

- Use realistically-scaled siege towers, ladders, and battering rams to annihilate city

defenses and clear the way for the player's ground forces

- Fight for control of the seas by boarding and ramming enemy naval vessels using

massive, accurately-scaled warships. Outfit warships with infantry, archers, ballistae,

or catapults, depending on the player's strategic objectives

- Engage in awe-inspiring feats of heroism by personally joining your troops during

climactic battles (from a third-person perspective)

- Control one of eight unique Heroes including Julius Caesar, Germanicus Caesar,

Cleopatra, Ramses the Great, Achilles and Alexander the Great, each with special

abilities and weapons. This unique feature places the player on the battlefield as a

fully controlled super weapon

- Powered by the Titan engine, the industry's leading next-generation 3D engine

designed specifically for RTS games

- Recruit craftsman, scientists, artisans, and advisors who will help improve and

enhance your civilization both militarily and economically

- Progress through an intuitive and user friendly technology tree

- Up to eight players will battle it out across multiple game types, including a teambased

mode where one player manages resources while the other unleashes the full

power of Hero mode against the enemy team

- Fully optimized network code ensures problem-free online gaming experience