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Sacred 2: Fallen Angel


sacred-2-fallen-angel-1.jpg (91546 bytes) sacred-2-fallen-angel-2.jpg (59821 bytes) sacred-2-fallen-angel-3.jpg (81245 bytes)


When Sacred first came out it made for a nifty addition to the already existing stock of action RPGs available for the PC circa 2004.  It looked good, there was plenty of dungeons to explore, and plenty of goodies to discover.  Interestingly the gameís German developers, Ascaron, have been busy working on a sequel ever since Sacred shipped.  Itís still at least a year away, but what they have been willing to show of the game thus far looks intriguing.


Taking place in the realm of Ancaria, a power struggle has erupted here over something called T Energy.  Itís an arcane power source that has existed in the world for as long as anyone can remember, and was originally controlled by a technologically advance race calling themselves the Seraphim.  Over time, they allowed the High Elves to make use of the T Energy, but this eventually lead to a



civil war among the elves, as factions arose within their ranks who could not agree on how to use the energy.  Meanwhile, there are also outside forces that would like to get their hands on this T Energy.  Itís amidst this conflict that players find themselves catapulted, and they must figure out what they are going to do with this war swirling around them.



While Ascaron has been forthcoming with the back story for Sacred 2, details regarding the battle system, magic, and whatnot are a bit hazy so far.  However, there are a few morsels of information available.  First, there is the option to be good or evil in the game.  Also, there will be six playable characters in the game.  Thus far we only know of the Seraphim, but five others will also be available in the final version.


sacred-2-fallen-angel-4.jpg (94737 bytes) sacred-2-fallen-angel-5.jpg (85938 bytes) sacred-2-fallen-angel-6.jpg (67083 bytes)


One other aspect of the game that is already quite apparent is that it is going to look very, very good.  In the past, a number of these action RPGs to appear on the PC have looked decent at best, and showcased tiny, non-descript heroes running around on-screen, slaying equally tiny and non-descript evildoers.  In Sacred 2, however, there is a ton of detail being poured into every single environment, character, and monster.  Thus far, the visuals are looking very impressive.


Considering how long we have until Sacred 2 is due out, it doesnít come as a surprise that Ascaron is stay mum on the game at the moment.  Hopefully in the coming months the development team will start to trickle out a few more details about the game.


Mr. Nash

February 5, 2007

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