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Platform: PC

Genre: Strategy

Publisher: iGames

Developer: S2 Games

ETA: July 2003


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Few games are ever passed as revolutionizing in the gaming community. Just as Half-Life changed the way gamers saw FPS’s, Savage hopes to make gamers think twice about RTS titles. Savage will blend both First-Person and Real-Time elements in an attempt to separate themselves from the multitude of worn out ideas, by fusing together the first ever RTSS (Real Time Strategy Shooter).

How many times have you played Starcraft and Warcraft imagining what it would be like to control one of those miniscule characters? Savage will attempt to make that a reality.  Trying to mesh together two separate genres, traditionally, has failed. The recently released Unreal II tried to incorporate a RPG style of dialogue to First-Person gaming, though failing when gamers realized the attempt merely made the action delayed and caused the game to drag.


Set in a time far away from ours, Savage will sport a primeval theme filled with nomadic warriors in the midst of fighting monsters and creatures for ultimate survival. Each side will compose of different units, weapons, and strategies. The option of up to 64 players online is impressive, but different from traditional online games. In a game of 64, two must be commanders (one for each team). The commanders will have a RTS view over the map, and will be able to supply units and construct buildings. The other 62 remaining players will do as the commander says, as well as complete orders.




To run a game with so many diverse aspects, S2Games created an engine specifically for Savage. Known as “The Silverback” engine, S2Games was able to run both RTS and FPS seamlessly by the creation of this engine. Players can now enjoy something they can truly consider “ground-breaking”, without all of the inflated and reused features from years ago. Savage will definitely be a game that will encourage other developers to mix and blend two genres. Hopefully, they can construct it on the same level as Savage, due out at the end of June 2003.

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·-player capabilities: Two players undertaking the role of Commander, leading team initiatives in tactical combat strategy, resource management and “base building,” and 62 battling Action-Mode Players who must execute the Commander’s tactical instructions and secure their team’s advancement.

·The Silverbackä Engine, designed specifically for Savage so that both the RTS and FPS viewpoints go through the same 3D rendering process, creating both fluid, team-based gameplay and amazing, immersive environments.

·Choose to fight on the side of Humanity, armed with science and technology, or take the side of the Beast Horde, masters of nature and magic. Each with its own style of battle, its own leader and its own path to victory.

·Amazing graphics and beautiful, expansive environments that depict lush outdoor scenes, complete with gorgeous skies and blades of grass that wave in the wind.

·The game’s storyline, The Myth of Savage, inspires the imagination and provides a backdrop for an archetypal struggle for victory and glory.

- Eric “element” Lahiji

(June 1, 2003)