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Platform: PC
Genre: Shooter
Publisher: Midway
Developer: Epic Games
ETA: 2006
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Unreal Tournament 2007


unreal tournament 2007 preview       unreal tournament 2007 preview       unreal tournament 2007 preview


Ever since the Unreal Engine 3 was shown I’ve been waiting for word of the next Unreal Tournament game.  Although I kinda missed – okay, I played the demo version – Unreal Tournament 2004, one of my favorite titles in the last ten years is the original Unreal Tournament.  So, when I started thinking about the controlled chaos of UT coupled with the sweet graphics of the Unreal Engine 3… this could be very interesting.


After taking a look at the available video, one can’t help but wonder why gamers have to wait until 2006, barring any delays, when it looks like it’s close to being done.  Of course, the answer is that Epic Games is known for tweaking and tuning their games until they’re downright perky.  Although the underlying gameplay hasn’t changed – kill other combatants in a futuristic wasteland – there seems to be some adjustments to the modes of play, not the least of which is the new Conquest mode that features landscape that “alters as control of bases and bunkers changes hands.”


Here’s the official line (and just smothering of PR hypetails) from Midway:


Unparalleled graphics and physical realism form the latest Unreal Engine.


Includes the brand new Conquest gametype, with vehicle-focused combat raging across multiple maps, where the landscape alters as control of bases and bunkers changes hands.


Expanded Onslaught vehicle combat gametype, featuring the high-tech Axon vehicles against the sinister new Necris armada.  Over a dozen unique engines of destruction!


Collaborate with and compete against the new and returning signature characters of UT, with improved AI providing distinct personalities… and brutal vendettas.


Command AI and human teammates with the new voice system, for deadly tactical coordination!


Take the ultimate online shooter offline!  Try your luck against lightning fast AI in the all-new single player tournament mode!


Polished and refined versions of all the popular “classic” UT gametypes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and Instagib CTF!


UT2007 is the return of the premier online first-person shooter franchise.  With added features like persistent stats and matchmaking, combined with the award-winning Unreal editor, the massive Unreal community will continue to make UT the dominant mod platform.




More concrete details are hard to come by.  Even Midway’s press site has only a short blurb and no screenshots or video.  For sure it will ship for PC but there’s also mention of next generation platforms being supported.  Does this mean Xbox 360?  Probably.  PS3?  Who the hell knows?  With Epic’s past experience with the PC and Xbox, it might be to Microsoft’s advantage to sew UT2007 up as a 360 exclusive.


But what I know for sure is that it will feel like a long, long wait till it hits the PC.


- Omni

(June 13, 2005)