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Heavenly Sword


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The upcoming Playstation 3 has been the center of scrutiny because of its rather large $600 price point. However, as with most consoles, a system is only worth it when it has some solid games behind it. With games such as Warhawk, and Resistance: Fall of Man, the Playstation 3 launch should sell out as does any other console. However, to get more customers, one must put out stellar games all year. One of the Playstation 3’s most anticipated games is an action game called Heavenly Sword. Heavenly Sword was developed by Ninja Theory, which rose from the ashes of Argonaut Games.


There is a legend of a great weapon, called the Heavenly Sword, which was once wielded by a great and powerful deity. However, this mighty blade was not meant to be wielded by a mortal, and its immense power would drain the mortal wielder’s life force, killing them in mere hours. The duty of the warrior clan was to guard the sword, and make sure it never fell into the wrong hands. However, an invading king came and decimated the warriors assigned to guard the sword, and a red-headed woman named Nariko, is forced to take up the legendary blade and fight just to survive. Nariko knows well of the tale of the weapon, and knows how little time she has left. She will embark on an epic quest to get revenge on the king that invaded and killed her people. However, with the sword constantly draining away her life force, will she be able to get her revenge before it claims her life? Only you can help her get the revenge she so desperately desires.




Heavenly Sword got a big boost when Andy Serkis, the world’s leading CG actor, signed on to work with the project as the lead villain for the game. Andy is best known for playing Gollum in “Lord of the Rings” and King Kong in “King Kong,” Not only does Andy play the part of King Botan, he also helped with the character development,


writing, casting, directing and performance capture. In addition to Andy Serkis' help, Heavenly Blade benefits from graphically pleasing scenes and a great gameplay engine.


heavenly-sword-3.jpg (56536 bytes)          heavenly-sword-4.jpg (57777 bytes)


In the gameplay department, the legendary sword has three different stances, allowing you to shift between stances during a fight, allowing for devastating combos. The combat engine in Heavenly Sword employs anywhere from sophisticated one-on-one, to one-on-many, with squad formations and even going as high as battalion size armies, which pushes gameplay and AI to new levels. There are also a wide array of weapons, such as multi-skewering spears and devastating explosive bazookas, just to name a few. As for the graphics, the cinema scenes within the game, together with real time story evolvement and amazing set-pieces, attempting to make the game feel more like a blockbuster action movie and enhance the combat gameplay.


Heavenly Sword should appeal to people who like action games, as well as those who like God of War or the Devil May Cry series. It is currently unknown when the game will hit retailers, but it is likely not to come out until 2007. There should be more information available when the Playstation 3 debuts in November.


Marc Phillips

(September 9, 2006)

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