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Q2 2006




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Capcom Puzzle World


capcom-puzzle-world-1.jpg (52762 bytes) capcom-puzzle-world-2.jpg (37027 bytes) capcom-puzzle-world-3.jpg (31088 bytes)


There are a few genres of games that really lend themselves well to handheld systems.  One of these is puzzle games.  They can be intense, addictive, and, most importantly, enjoyed in short, controlled bursts.  Capcom appears to have picked up on this fact, and are now planning to bundle a quintet of their most popular puzzle games in one package for the PSP in the form of Capcom Puzzle World (CPW).


While there are indeed five games being included in CPW, it should be noted that three of them are from the same series.  Here’s the overall breakdown for what one can expect in the finished product.  There will be Super Puzzle Fighter II, Block Block, and Buster Bros. Collection (essentially the PlayStation compilation of three Buster Bros. games).




Although we’re seeing the return of a number of golden oldies in the world of puzzle games, Capcom plans to upgrade them a bit, adding new game modes to freshen up the experience.  This will be most noticeable in Super Puzzle Fighter II, which will be getting a Y, and Z mode.   In Y mode, as players match three gems of the same color, they build up a “Change Gem” meter.  Once this is full, players can quickly change one color set on the board when they find themselves in a pickle.  As for Z Mode, here the board slowly fills, and whoever’s board fills first loses.



As for the other games, Capcom hasn’t said a whole lot yet.  We know that in the Buster Bros. games players can upload their own images in the background, but that’s about it.  Also, all of the games are getting minor visual updates so that they appear properly in the PSP’s 16:9 aspect ration.


capcom-puzzle-world-4.jpg (51710 bytes) capcom-puzzle-world-5.jpg (50124 bytes) capcom-puzzle-world-6.jpg (51986 bytes)


Up to this point, one area that the DS has been consistently beating the PSP in is puzzle games.  Sure, the Sony system has had a few, but Nintendo has been trouncing them so far.  With Capcom Puzzle World, perhaps this can help to bridge the gap a bit.


Mr. Nash

(March 23, 2006)

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