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Platform: Playstation 2
Genre: Racing
Publisher: Konami
Developer: Konami
ETA: 2005


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Enthusia Professional Racing


enthusia pro racing preview          enthusia pro racing preview


Come this holiday season most Playstation 2 racing fans will be anticipating the release of Gran Turismo 4, but there maybe another racing game that could catch the eyes of many racing fans. Konami’s newly announced racing title Enthusia Professional Racing (EPR) looks to take a swipe at Gran Turismo 4.


The early screenshots of the game suggest EPR should play fairly similar to Gran Turismo 4. The game features licensed cars (over one hundred) along with the racing action taking

 place in different international locales. One area where EPR seems to have the advantage over Gran Turismo 4 is the games “Visual Gravity System.” The game will depict the different G-Forces acting on your vehicle.


 In Gran Turismo and many other racing games, the more money you spend on your car, the more you win. Rather than following this cliché found in most racing games, EPR puts more of an 



emphasis on driving skills. While tuning your car is still important, having the skills to back up your ride will surely help.


enthusia pro racing preview          enthusia pro racing preview



Delivers the first graphical representation of G-forces in a racing game!


Randomly-generated courses offer new tracks while creating a new experience every time you get into the driver's seat!


Wide range of weather conditions to challenge your driving techniques.


Photo-realistic graphics of all the cars, tracks and environments.

Hundreds of cars from over 30 manufacturers.


While no exact release date has been given, Enthusia Professional Racing should make an appearance sometime next year.


- Siddharth Masand

(August 15, 2004)







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