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Platform: Playstation 2

Genre: Sports

Publisher: SCEA

Developer: 989 Sports

ETA: September 2003


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NBA ShootOut 2004


nba shootout 2004 ps2 preview          nba shootout 2004 ps2 preview


The NBA’s summer leagues have started, so it seems appropriate to talk about 989’s NBA ShootOut 2004, which is due in September. There’s no doubt that the competition among PS2 basketball titles will indeed be tight this year, but 989 Sports seems determined to earn a place among the elite basketball games this year. 989 Sports has outlined a fair amount of key features for this year’s game, including:


All-Time Greatest players in the NBA.  Now gamers can unlock the 50 Greatest Players, as selected by the NBA, by accomplishing goals that attributed to each player.  You want to play as Wilt Chamberlin?  Then score 100 points in a game or go after Cousy, Malone, Ewing, Magic, Worthy, Barkley, Drexler and more.  


op-rated Career Mode is back.  Put your name and number on the floor with the pros.  Take your shot at hooking up with an NBA team by proving your skills in the Summer Pro League (SPL) and the National Basketball Development League (NBDL).  Make sure you keep working on your game, though, or you could be sent back down or traded as quickly as you were signed.


Practice Mode returns giving gamers an opportunity to get focused before putting themselves in the game.




989SportsOnline brings NBA hoops to the web. Try to dominate head-to-head play or jump into a tournament with up to 64 players.  Online Career Mode reporting provides the opportunity to track the progress of your career player compared to other gamers' players.  Online roster and stat updates will automatically occur each week, and player skill attributes are affected as well.  Consequently, if LeBron James turns out to be a superstar out of the blocks, his attributes will be adjusted accordingly and his abilities increased.


Mid-Air shot changes are now available with a simple button press.  Shooters will now have the ability to reposition shots and avoid defenders after they are already in the air, or they can simply pass out of the shot to an open shooter.


Enhanced shooter momentum adds depth and realism.  Shooters will now drift in the direction that they are moving when they run into a jump shot.  The amount of drift and the impact it has on their shots depend entirely upon the speed and jumping ability of the shooter.


NEW Gameplay features smooth player movement and attribute-based speeds.  When Kobe hits the gas, he leaves Vlade behind.   The one-touch controls allow instant access to multiple unique dribble moves. Defensively, Payton plays like "The Glove" with a slick and active defensive stance, quick steal, and screen avoidance AI.


Stifling defense makes gamers earn their hoops.  Post defenders can engage the ball handler from three different angles: battle him straight up, force him baseline, or angle him toward the center of the defense.


NEW refined AI features offensive teammates automatically cutting to the basket and back screening for each other to set up the offense. The AI teammates spread the floor just like the real NBA and set realistic and effective screens at will.  Defensively, teammates rush to switch and help close gaps on D while the big men collapse the middle if someone gets penetration.


Eighteen one-touch player controls include Screens, Auto Defense, Pump Fakes, Special Dribbles, and more. Gamers won't get bogged down with cumbersome controller combinations.


Total Control Hoops is the only way to step foot on the hardwood.  Total Control Dribbling puts ball control in the palm of your hand as you go between the legs, behind the back or go for the crossover dribble.  Total Control Jukes have been tightened and quickened to give the user the feel that their input is directly attached to the juke moves they are attempting.  Total Control Screening™ allows hoopsters to set a pick or call for the screen to give your hot shooter the open look.  Now hit your buckets with Total Control Shooting as you refine your touch and control the accuracy of your shot.


nba shootout 2004 ps2 preview


989 Sports really seems to be pulling out all of the stops to regain their share of the sports market this year. Once we get our hands on NBA ShootOut 2004, we’ll let you know if they’ve succeeded.


- Peter J. Skerritt, Jr.

(July 13, 2003)




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