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Platform: Playstation 2
Genre: Action
Publisher: Konami
Developer: Konami
ETA: November 2004

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Neo Contra


neo contra preview          neo contra preview


The side-scroller genre has made smooth transitions onto the next-gen consoles in recent memory. The Metal Slug series landed on the Xbox with a huge splash, and now the Contra series hopes to make the same impact later this year.


Unlike traditional side-scrollers, Neo Contra isn’t played in the side view at all. The game is played in a pseudo top-down view that will allow players to venture in every possible direction. Of course the new view will make the game more dynamic than before and makes it a lot more difficult, due to the fact enemies can attack from many different locations. In order to take care of the numerous enemies there will huge and powerful guns to utilize and a second character with unique weapons and special powers. The new character, a mysterious samurai, is at Bill Rizer’s side as he continues to tear away his foes.


So far the game’s graphics and quick gameplay stick out as Neo Contra’s power points. The level of detail is staggering with highly detailed cinematics, multiple enemies on the screen, and explosions that seem to come right off the screen. The gameplay will be fast and ideally similar to the previous games in the series, focusing more on brute force than planning. However, because the new camera angle does introduce new angles to the gameplay, there will be certain situations in which the player must understand the locale and work from there.


neo contra preview          neo contra preview


At this point Neo Contra is coming along right on schedule already boasting action-packed gameplay and fantastic visuals. Scheduled for a November 2004 release, the holidays will be a lot more “colorful” with Neo Contra rolling in.



All-new universe, now in 3D, that features the “tough-as-nails” Contra gameplay.


The latest game in the highly popular action/shooter Contra series.


From the award-winning team that successfully brought 2001’s side-scrolling shooter, Contra: Shattered Soldier, to the PlayStation 2.


Outstanding CG cinematic sequences enhance the game’s epic storyline.


New Hit Rate System to keep track of scoring.


New 2nd player character with new moves and weapons.


Huge mid-boss and level boss enemies.


- Eric Lahiji

(June 28, 2004)


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