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Red Dead Revolver


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Capcom is company that is best known for its arcade fighting titles such as the highly successful Street Fighter series. Capcom has now decided to explore a new genre of third person shooters on the next generation consoles. Capcom is currently working on western style shoot em up game entitled Red Dead Revolver (RDR), hoping that the Wild West can become a wild success on the Playstation 2.

At E3 2002 in Los Angles, Capcom announced that they were in the development process of creating a third person western style video game for the Playstation 2.



The game is said to feature jaw-dropping environments, which include frontier towns, a ghost town, an old military fort and mine shafts. The developers have been hard at work so far incorporating 1000 character animations, which will make it into the final product. The game is on track to be released March of 2003.

The game features a deep and compelling


story line, which takes place during the tumbling days of the Wild West. You play a character named Red whose family has been murdered by a group of Desperados and then taken in my a small group of Indians. As a boy, Red is taught the different methods of survival. As he grows up he emerges a gunfighter in a lawless environment that wants revenge against the savage outlaws which rule the land.

RDR will feature numerous amounts of authentic weapons such as pistols, shotguns, whips and dynamite, and with special combat moves and a variety of power-up items. Not only that, the developers are trying to create a detailed targeting system that will compliment RDRs amazing selection of weapons. And since Capcom is trying its best to re-create a Western style Cowboy atmosphere, they are giving the player (or players) the option to ride and fight on horseback as well. How cool is that?


red-dead-revolver-3.jpg (41853 bytes)   red-dead-revolver-4.jpg (45323 bytes)   red-dead-revolver-5.jpg (34869 bytes)

A great amount of time has been dedicated to perfecting the AI in RDR. Capcom is currently implementing a complex AI system, which is said to have different emotions, and behaviors, (reacting to outside forces, based on personalities and relationships with other characters).

For the icing on the cake the game will also support up to four players. So far not much information has been mentioned about the types of multiplayer game modes. It has been confirmed though that deathmatch will be one of the modes available. I cant wait for this game as it looks like it will give a higher profile to this undermined genre on the Playstation 2.

Red Dead Revolver is set to mosey into town March 2003 for Playstation 2.

-Siddharth Masand
(Oct 25, 2002)

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