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Platform: Playstation 2
Genre: Action
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom
ETA: Q4 2004


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Shadow of Rome


Itís been quite some time since the era of the Roman Empire. No more Caesars ruling atop ivory towers, no more gladiators fighting for their life inside behemoth domes, and no more togas wrapped around every person. Fortunately we can relive those moments through Capcomís latest project Shadow of Rome.


shadow-rome-1.jpg (165399 bytes)          shadow-rome-2.jpg (137505 bytes)


Shadow of Rome gives control over two characters, Octavius and Agrippa, both of whom team up to uncover the truth behind a mysterious murder involving Julius Caesar. Akin to Max Payne 2, the player plays through the game while subsequently switching through the two 

characters. Unlike Max Payne 2 the difference between characters will differ in more aspects than simply appearance. For example Agrippa is stronger and takes more to action while Octavius is less aggressive and stealthy. Utilizing both of their key strengths will be the theme of getting through the game.


In true Roman spirit Capcom has recreated the most immersive Roman city to ever hit videogames. With bustling open-air markets, vast forests, and even the Coliseum as possible battle stages, watching the action unfold will be pleasant eye-candy.





shadow-rome-3.jpg (139821 bytes)          shadow-rome-4.jpg (130924 bytes)



Character switching - Shadow of Rome blends action and adventure with the use of two different main characters, Agrippa and Octavius. One character lends itself more to action and the other is crucial for the adventure elements of the game. Switch between the 'brains' and 'brawn' to uncover the truth behind the real murderer of Caesar.


Full 3-D polygonal environments - Ancient Rome is stunningly recreated immersing the player by bringing a sense of realism to the game.


Scenarios change based on the player's gaming style - The game will match the player's style. If they excel during the action portions of the game, more action elements will be incorporated into future scenarios. The same rule applies to excelling during adventure situations. This allows those who are good at a particular genre to succeed.


Gameplay variety - Shadow of Rome thrusts players into numerous sub-challenges where they participate in gladiatorial events such as chariot racing, tournament battles and duals to the death.


Dolby Sound Pro Logic II - Shadow of Rome will include a sound system similar to those found in today's motion pictures. This creates an experience of truly being part of the action by utilizing a wide array of sound effects that reconstruct the hustle and bustle of ancient Rome or the roar of a crowd at the Coliseum.


Historical figures of ancient Rome round off the colorful cast of Shadow of Rome.


Waiting for this shiny disc to come out will be hard to do but Iím sure weíll make it. Scheduled tentatively for a Q4 2004 release Shadow of Rome all we can do is see if the final product gets the thumbs up or thumbs down.


- Eric Lahiji

(February 27, 2004)




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