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Platform: Playstation 2

Genre: Action

Publisher: SEGA

Developer: Hitmaker

ETA: November 2003


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Virtual On Marz

virtual-on-marz-1.jpg (52017 bytes)          virtual-on-marz-2.jpg (47293 bytes)

Giant robots anyone?  SEGA is stepping onto the big huge robot scene once more, resurrecting their Virtual On series, but instead of being a mechanized fighting game like previews installments, this time out we have a mission based action game headed our way.


- Dozens of missions: Range from defending allied bases to attacking enemy convoys


- Over 40 available characters

- Unlockable secrets

- Head-to-Head multi-player mode

Marz looks like itís trying to compete against mecha games of the Armored Core variety, going for a more arcade-styled approach to handling the giant robot phenomenon, as opposed to the very simulation oriented MechWarrior series.  It could be a pretty smart move on Hitmakerís part, since a lot of people often complain about the slow, clunky handling of their mechas in combat, even in more 



arcade-like titles such as Armored Core. The confusing thing of it all is that judging by the screenshots currently available Marz looks very much like previews Virtual On titles, not like something that you would expect from a mission based mecha game.

Heavy details are still sketchy at the moment, but if Marz can come off as a fast-paced, frenetic experience it could very well have mecha fans coming in droves to pick it up this Fall.

Mr. Nash

(April 12, 2003)













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