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Platform: Xbox 360

Genre: Sports?

Publisher: Tecmo

Developer: Team Ninja

ETA: Holiday Season 2006
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Dead or Alive: Xtreme 2


dead or alive xtreme 2          dead or alive xtreme 2


Xbox 360 is quickly becoming the console of choice for lovers of jiggling, video game boobs.  First there was Dead or Alive 4 (from Tecmo), then along came Rumble Roses XX (Konami), and at E3 we got a look at Dead or Alive: Xtreme 2 (also from Tecmo).  All feature enough jiggling mammary glands make your head spin.


You’ll notice right away – if you pay attention to these things – that Dead or Alive: Xtreme 2 is a sequel to the Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball, which was released on the original Xbox a few years ago.  And it’s taken the logical step of dropping the “Beach Volleyball” misnomer; really, it was all about scantily clad females flopping around in the sand and trying on a myriad of bikinis, while occasionally throwing some volleyballs at you.  There’s no pretense with its sequel, particularly when you watch the teaser video – Dead or Alive: Xtreme 2 is all about the digital babes.


That’s not to say that there isn’t volleyball (there is), but Team Ninja has opened up the gameplay a bit, calling the game a “non-linear, incredibly beautiful, sequel of life in paradise.”  Though I often think of Nintendogs and The Sims when a game is described as

“non-linear” I seriously doubt that Dead or Alive: Xtreme 2 will ever fall under the label of “non-game.”  I suppose if one wanted to be cynical about it, Dead or Alive: Xtreme 2 is basically a bunch of “mini-games”:


Personal Water Craft (PWC) Races:  Race around Zack’s Island for the best times or compete against others on your high performance PWC.


Beach Volleyball:  Dig in and battle it out against your opponents in the sand as you revisit this retooled volleyball favorite.




Water Slider:  Grab your tube and hang on tight as you careen down this wild water slide.


Rope Pulling:  Create a splash as you balance precariously on a floating platform in the pool while playing tug-of-war with your opponent.


Hip Wrestling:  Face back-to-back and cheek-to-cheek with your opponent as you attempt to bump each other off of the platform and into the pool using only your hips.


Hopping Game:  Return to the pool in this Xtreme favorite as you nimbly hop from one end of the pool to the other across the wobbly, floating platforms.


Beach Flag:  Race your opponent across the white sand beaches and be the first to capture the flag.


Zack’s Casino:  Don your evening attire and revisit Zack’s Casino which now features even more games.


dead or alive xtreme 2          dead or alive xtreme 2


While the description of Water Slider makes me snicker a bit – “grab your tube and hang on tight” – the mini-game that has my interest is the PWC Races.  Though I’m not expecting a deep set of tracks, I’m hoping Team Ninja spends some time developing more than one track.  There’s also the promise of online play, but Tecmo makes no specific comment on which modes will be available for play over Live.  It makes sense to be able to play the PWC Races, volleyball, and blow some cash in Zack’s Casino against/with human opponents.  But Hip Wrestling?  It’s looks creepy enough playing by yourself, but against another sweaty gamer who may be playing one-handed?  No, thank you.


Though it’s not mentioned, I’ll speculate a bit and guess that Dead or Alive: Xtreme 2 will also come packed with the ability to take pictures of the DOA girls.  It’s a feature that was used in Dead or Alive 4 and Rumble Roses XX so it’s a logical step that Xtreme 2 will also have one.


dead or alive xtreme 2          dead or alive xtreme 2


Besides ultra cool ninjas, Team Ninja is known for creating some of the most graphically intense software for Microsoft consoles and Xtreme 2 appears to be no different.  The game looks hot, and it certainly looks like a second generation game for the Xbox 360.  Though I take everything I see at E3 with a grain of salt (smoke and mirrors can be found all over), it’s hard not to be impressed.  At least Team Ninja isn’t trying to perfect the way exploded intestines look.  Violent games are great, in moderation.  Having the chance to fall back on a lush gameworld filled with voluptuous digital models… that’s just okay by me.


As per usual, Tecmo didn’t have anything playable on the show floor at E3, so I can’t speak for the controls.  However, if Team Ninja’s past efforts are anything to by there shouldn’t be any problems when it comes to that.


Dead or Alive: Xtreme 2 is scheduled to ship Holiday Season 2006.


- Omni

(June 7, 2006)