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Platform: Xbox 360
Genre: Role-Playing Game
Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: From Software
ETA:  August 29, 2006




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Enchanted Arms


Itís no secret that the Xbox 360 is hurting in Japan, and itís bleeding for one of the same reasons the Xbox failed to take off - the lack of console-style RPGs. However, Japanese developer From Software has tried to fill in this gap with the first role playing game on the system, entitled Enchanted Arms.


enchanted-arms-1.jpg (49953 bytes)       enchanted-arms-2.jpg (40684 bytes)


In the world of Enchanted Arms, humans have created sentient beings known as golems to aid them in their everyday life. These range from goofy, smiling pizza advertisements to huge, fire breathing dragons. At some point in the past, the golems began disobeying their human masters and started wrecking havoc. The danger was eventually sealed away, but now these golems have gone crazy once again, and itís up to your crew to stop it.


The cast of Enchanted Arms is made up of your typical pretty boys and scantily clad elves, although there are a few interesting characters, like the androgynous cowboy (girl?) and a chick riding a clam shell. Although the character models look decent, the real visual treats are all of the amazing environments, which look gorgeous in high-definition.  The battles utilize a grid-based system, with up to four characters in battle at the same time. The demo showed off lots of crazy Final Fantasy-esque summon effects, although thankfully there is an option to speed up the battles.




enchanted-arms-3.jpg (40324 bytes)       enchanted-arms-4.jpg (36376 bytes)


Although Enchanted Arms has been out in Japan for a few months, it hasnít exactly caused a revolution, and 360s still sit unloved on the shelves. The word from importers is that the game was rather glitchy, since it was rushed to the market. Hopefully Ubisoft will polish some of these issues up before the same sees release at the end of the summer.


Kurt Kalata

(June 9, 2006)