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Platform: Xbox

Genre: Action

Publisher: Capcom

Developer: Capcom

ETA: August 2003


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Dino Crisis 3

dino-crisis-3-1.jpg (39623 bytes)         dino-crisis-3-2.jpg (32200 bytes)

Dino Crisis 3 was displayed at this year's E3, and though Capcom's recent ventures have flunked, namely Auto Modellista and Devil May Cry 2, Capcom may redeem itself through this title.  Debuting on the X-Box this August, Dino Crisis 3 takes a turn in its storyline from its predecessors, and quoted from the press release:

"Dino Crisis 3 begins with the discovery of the gigantic spaceship “Ozymandius” that has suddenly re-emerged after disappearing for 300 years and is now headed towards earth.  Players assume the role of Patrick or Sonya, members of an intergalactic marine group called SOAR (Special Operations And Reconnaissance), who are sent by the government to investigate and procure any possible survivors aboard the outpost.  As Patrick and the agents infiltrate the spaceship, they come upon a horrific scene of ravenous dinosaurs inhabiting the spaceship. Now it’s a life and death struggle against massive beasts as they float through the dark recesses of space. Despite this unnerving situation, they must cautiously proceed with their mission to find out the mysteries of the colony ship and stop it from returning to Earth."


The Dino Crisis series have always favored more action as a primary gameplay element, and the upcoming Dino Crisis 3 seems to be no exception.  The combat system has been fleshed out in WASP (drones that can be released) and firearm attacks, to promote fighting multiple enemies simultaneously.  Plus, the vaguely mentioned "hyper booster units" will create "fast action gameplay and exploration".  Sealing the package is new AI, which hopefully will create a refreshing change from the very basic dinosaur AI of the previous games.




The graphics have seen attention as well.  Fully polygonal environments and more complex areas (including a hinted feature of modular levels) have been implemented.  The X-Box will also present a powerful environment for the developers to take advantage of.  Dated graphics may be a thing of the past for the Dino Crisis games.

dino-crisis-3-3.jpg (34204 bytes)         dino-crisis-3-4.jpg (31805 bytes)

Dino Crisis 3 has the potential of being immensely popular.  Although the survival genre is old and hurt by several duds, the August release of Dino Crisis 3 may bring the revival.


- All new futuristic sci-fi storyline
- New breed of dinosaurs with advanced enemy Artificial Intelligence (AI)
- Full 3D polygonal environments to explore
- The use of hyper booster units for fast action gameplay and exploration

- Three methods of attack:
- WASP attacks – Drones that lock-on to an enemy and automatically begin a deadly barrage of fire. Frequent usage of WASPs can help players accumulate points to upgrade weapons or to cash in for recovery items
- Futuristic firearms – Blast away smaller enemies with rapid-fire power
- Simultaneously fight multiple enemies using both WASPs and guns

- Ship formation change – Change the formation of the colossal ship and explore new areas. Players will be able to connect passages and explore new areas

James Hsu

June 15, 2003




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