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Platform: Xbox

Genre: Action/RPG

Publisher: Sega

Developer: From Software

ETA: September 2003


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Otogi: Myth of Demons

Otogi-myth-demons-1.jpg (47197 bytes)         Otogi-myth-demons-2.jpg (46252 bytes)

One of the genres that takes the longest to make its way to a console is easily role-playing.  The simple fact of the matter is that these types of games take a long time to develop, leaving gamers to twiddle their thumbs as they wait as patiently as they can for some RPG goodness to hit their platform of choice.  To this point Xbox owners haven’t had a whole lot of choice when it comes to RPGs, largely having to content themselves with Morrowind (not that this is all that bad considering how good the title is).  But now there’s one more game to look forward to for fans of the genre, as SEGA plans to bring Otogi: Myth of Demons to Microsoft’s console.


While not fully an RPG (Otogi is an action RPG), the game will have one element in particular that really hasn’t been seen in the genre before, that being destructible levels.  Players will be able to destroy trees, walls, furniture, as well as buildings as they make their way through the game.  The question is, though, whether this is simple destruction for the sake of destruction, or will this ability serve a tactical purpose.  Being able to smash up a wall or some furniture, leaving rubble to block an enemy’s path could prove quite useful, herding them to areas of a room a player would rather have them contained to.




otogi-myth-demons-3.jpg (43579 bytes)         otogi-myth-demons-4.jpg (24404 bytes)

The premise of the story looks to follow the all too often seen “stop the ancient long forgotten evil” path of narrative that has sunk its claws into the genre with no signs of letting up.  In Otogi players take on the role of Raiko, an undead warrior who must stop a demonic army that has unleashed upon the Earth as part of an ancient doomsday myth.  Obviously there will be more meat on the story’s bones as the game progresses, so here’s to hoping Otogi throws a few pleasant surprises at players as they make their way through the game.

otogi-myth-demons-5.jpg (51603 bytes)          otogi-myth-demons-6.jpg (40042 bytes)

If nothing else, Otogi will help to fill a big, gaping genral void in the Xbox’s library.  RPG fans can look forward to this game’s planned September 2003 release.


- 30 different weapons to use and 12 varieties of magic

- 25 different environments to explore

- Dozens of special moves

- Highly-destructible environments

Mr. Nash

(March 30, 2003)




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